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Found 4 results

  1. I can't recall ever playing any TDM maps with it... (e.g. literal event that Happens at 2:59 AM ... not '5 minute delay') Such as; Guard shift changes Clock-controlled locks / safes Other events (informant meetings, witching hours, high-noon duels, street lights, shops open/close...) Requires: Pocket Watches Church / Town clock with Chimes or Bells Grandfather clocks (working hands / hour chimes) Wall clocks (electric or mechanical) New things to see and do; Ability to READ time (by fob-ing, tool use ) Lootable Pocket watches, Fob-watches, other portable time-pieces [usable as a tool once acquired ] Easy / Hard mode variations... 'Easy': start with a pilfered pocket-watch in your inventory and 10 minutes to spare... 'Hard': start with *BRONG* ... *BRONG* a time deficit?! TIME TO DASH FOR IT! Seems odd - that the ever desirable time-piece isn't even present as simple loot...either.
  2. Hey, I didn't find any specific topic about this, so I hope this will be useful. What I want to discuss here: - tips about non trivial use of weapons & tools only that make it fun - ideas for changes, extra uses to add [EDIT] What shoudn't be discussed here: - general tips (moves, doors, ...): there is already a topic about player tips, created a while ago by Springheel: here. [/EDIT] Purposes: - give gameplay ideas for players and mappers with the current mechanics - give ideas for the next versions of TDM I don't really care about graphics or realism, just gameplay. If you have a brilliant idea, I think it's better to use it in a FM, give some hints and let people find out by themselves than posting it here right away. That's why I'll use general examples (not that I have brilliant ideas...) For instance: Broadheads trivial: can hurt people not trivial: can make noise and distract people (don't even argue about stealth score/ghostling) smart: allows you to knock items or break glass from a distance ideas: none, you? Fire trivial: explodes dealing massive damage and noise situational: can light stuff (never found it useful so far, you?) not trivial: can make alot of noise and distract people smart: got no clue. Anyone? ideas: make some materials ignite, like straw (not wood!), to get guards busy (maybe complicated for something redundant with with noise arrows); make some doors able to take damage like in T2 Flash trivial: drop it and troll around situational: throw it instead and then move past (typically you'd need to step in line of sight to drop it) ... That's it. (For now. I flooded the forum too much lately). Your turn!
  3. I finally got round to trying to play Dishonored and Mirror's Edge last night, and I've realised that I'm really out of touch with modern gaming (surprise surprise). It looks like having keyboard controls to 'turn' left and right (rather than strafe) isn't an option any more, so I can't use my usual Thief keyboard controls. Tried the WASD settings and, apart from hating having to strafe instead of turning, my left arm ached horribly after 30 mins. So it looks like the only hope I have of playing these games is with a console-style controller for Windows and I wondered if anyone had any recommendations. I've never used a console and I'd be surprised if I play anything much other than DH and ME with whatever controller I get. (Skyrim, Oblivion, Minecraft, CoD etc have no interest for me.) I'm inclining towards the Microsoft Xbox 360 Common Controller, while Obsttorte's suggested the Logitech F510. Any other recommendations? Or should I try something else entirely? All & any advice gratefully received!
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