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  1. Albert

    Thief 4 is trash.

    Yup, Steam has had the Thief games for awhile now. At first they just had that mediocre Deadly Shadows, but then the first two games showed up, and later System Shock 2. I'm glad they have them. Those games are (sorta) rare and it's hard keeping track of discs.
  2. Albert

    Thief 4 is trash.

    I completely missed the title change somehow. Looks like they're going the "Xbone" route of title changes.
  3. Like almost everyone else, I found it through TTLG. I've come a long way with this game. Initially, I thought TDM was an interesting idea but would never really work out. As it was finally getting released though, I saw some potential, but the difficulty curve and lack of good hardware on my end soured it for me initially. I've been growing to like it, since then. There's many things that need improved, and I myself still need better hardware, even with my recent investments. But otherwise, TDM is a great achievement and the only thing it needs now is fine-tuning. Now that it's standalone, I imagine we'll be seeing just that.
  4. Wish I had the full image of my avatar. The bearded nobleman in the picture, I had knocked out when he was in bed sleeping and then placed him back on the bed in such a way that he was propped up and looking at the fireplace. I loved the picture so much I made it my avatar.
  5. Bit of a minor question, but I use an Arch distro and Darkradiant is out of date on AUR (Link). Is anyone able to update it on there? Can't say I know how.
  6. Yeah, this is my main gripe with TDM. I personally feel it ruins the flow, although it is probably for the best in terms of keeping stealth a main goal. Either way, I hope a "The Dark Mod Mod" comes along to stupify the mechanics to something more Thief 1/2 Esque.
  7. In those games, I'd just disable auto-equip. Works for items the same as weapons. Minimize the fear of accidentally using an item while clicking around.
  8. Albert

    Thief 4 is trash.

    *insert vitriol-laced comment, comparing Thi4f/Thiaf to bad-smelling fertilizer, here*
  9. Eh, yeah, numerous strikes against the idea. Although, I'd still like if there was an option to change this.
  10. For the most part, I feel the controls are fine and my complaints lay squarely upon frob and use (excluding combat movement).
  11. Yes, it really isn't. I was only kind of stuck up about the whole thing as I've personally gotten used to having use and frob on the same mouse button. TDM, again as I said, has given people time to get used to it. Interpret it's mechanics as wholly separate (in some circles, above) from that of the Thief games.
  12. Y'know, thinking it over, I realize it's stupid to fuss about. I will admit it's probably better that I bind use to MOUSE3, as Serpentine recommends. So this thread is pretty much an eyesore now. I apologize.
  13. Yes, I did realize this, and it would require a changeup in some of the game mechanics. Sure, I realize most folks by now are fond of the TDM setup. I'm speaking here as a guy who, not too recently, started warming up to the game. I realize it's a small team devoted to the project in their sparetime, and what we have is awesome. But, yeah, I have my pet peeves in the form of combat and controls. The whole thing would gel for me better if these were tweaked to better complement the Thieving style I've come to love in the Thief games. So clearly I must be in the minority, about binding MOUSE2 to both frob and use.
  14. I think the thread title speaks for itself maybe? I have always found the fact that to use an item you have to press enter tedious. While it's true that in the old Thief games that having frob and use bound to MOUSE2 would sometimes lead to frustration like if you accidentally pressed MOUSE2 after picking up an item you didn't want to use right away, and the item was highlighted in your inventory. But there's the disable auto-equip option to aleviate that, unless an FM required auto-equip (COSAS Mission X for example). But yeah, any thoughts as to why this hasn't been done? I much prefer frob and use on the MOUSE2 as opposed to being separate keys. TDM would feel a bit less cumbersome to me if it had this. I mean, combat I'm still on the fence about, but lockpicks and keys would be much simpler this way, IMHO.
  15. Well with TDM 2.0 out now, I see that the branch that supports OpenAL EFX is still not there. Darn.
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