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Found 1 result

  1. I've been struggling for years to find an expert in editing 3D textures (.dds files) and converting them to NormalMap. Since this is a stealth game project forum, and some members have made textures for the Dark Mod, I hope to find better luck here. There's a WWII-themed stealth game called "Death to Spies", which has a sequel called "Death to Spies: Moment of Truth" (though the latter is more like an expansion for the original DtS, and it was originally intended as such). A friend of mine made a mod a while back which allows you to play all the missions from DtS on Moment of Truth's graphics engine. The current version of this mod is MoTmod 1.11. From the moment the first version of the mod came out, I've been making extra modifications to it such as replacing sound files, replacing weapons of certain NPCs, and fixing a few developer oversights. Version 1.10 of the official MoTmod contained a revamp of the first DtS mission, in which NPCs have new skins based on historically accurate uniforms. When it came out, I decided to make historically accurate skins for all the missions from both games. Now I have some experience with editing textures, but I don't have the same expertise as the artist who made the new skins for MoTmod 1.10. I just want help with replacing or adding extra insignia, as well as changing colours to match that of another texture. If there's anyone out there who's interested in helping, please start by clicking on this RapidShare link: http://rapidshare.co...BC469CC7CAB41E4 This contains a Kriegsmarine uniform texture, an edited version for you to replace the insignia, and some pictures taken off the internet so you know what to replace the original insignia with. I'll post some instructions here: "navalman_body1.dds" is the original texture file. Note the machine part, that's the original insignia. "navalman_body1_ddn.bmp" is the NormalMap of the texture. "plan.dds" is the texture you should use to draw the insignia. Now look at "Picture 7932.jpg". Ignore the gold border for now, and just draw the star. After that, look at "K019368full.jpg" and draw the lightning bolt. After that, add the gold border around the machine part, star, and lightning bolt insignia. Here's how to save the edited versions of "plan.dds" as a new file: sol00.dds: Add just the star. radist_body.dds: Add just the lightning bolt. enlisted_body1.dds: Add the gold border around the star. enlisted_body2.dds: Add the gold border around the machine part. enlisted_body3.dds: Add the gold border around the lightning bolt. I hope these instructions help. Thanks!
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