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Found 1 result

  1. We've had threads about the best movies and games, so let's talk music now, shall we? I am always on the hunt for creative and innovative music and I thought this community is of such high intellect (), that there must be people around here listening to some sort of progressive music... I'll just start with some of my personal favorites. Whether or not you consider them progressive is up to you. Of course you can post about any artist you like... Everybody of us probably knows Nine Inch Nails from the soundtracks of the ID software games. Pretty cool stuff. I especially like the song "Just Like You Imagined". When it comes down to guitar music, I also value Progressive Metal very much, e.g. Dream Theater ("Endless Sacrifice") and Liquid Tension Experiment("Freedom of Speech"). Those guys wrote some true masterpieces, some of which nearly an hour long. I am also a big sucker for electronic music though. My newest addiction is rather of the rougher, but slow kind: The Band Broken Note. Those guys have a very unique sound, combining elements from Drum&Bass and Dubstep. As I said, they are a bit rough, but very creative in some way. But I guess, in order to see that, one hast to like such music. The first seven entries in their playlist on myspace are very good. And there is of course still the probably most creative and innovative genre in electronic music: IDM. One of its representatives is called Landau("Independence" and "You Are Commodity"). Especially the first song of those two always takes me on a trip...
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