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Found 1 result

  1. I have bought HP pavilion g6-2390sr with core i7 3620M or something in September 2013. There was trouble with usb ports and in December only one left working. I gave it to Service center and somehow they burned MB, after New Year they buy new one in China, and it's arrived on last week. When they tried to start notebook, was founded that i7 is broken too. Today they promise me to buy new in the end of next week... 3 months without my notebook... Gave me f..kng RV518 with i3... Hate it today!!! Can't work like I need... And my mouse is Madcatz MMO 7. Was bought only for comfortable working in different programs because of adjustable profiles and 70 or something different functions could be applied... Amazing mouse for people who works in different programs with similar processes - link same functions to same buttons and don't need to switch mind when jumping from one to another.And so I can't install setup program for this mouse on RV518.I wright to support and have answer in 2 hours, now all working like it have to.. Difference... And this people wants to go to Europe I really disappointed in my citizens, have 6 years practice of my own business and can say that our people don't want to work principally, and our customers are ungrateful too in most part . No way to Europe!!!
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