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Found 1 result

  1. Recently, after spending some time giving advice to one of our forum members on how to translate the GUI and in-game text via the use of the perl scripts, I have run into some serious issues. I've tried my best to figure out the problem on my own or by discussing it with some of the developers via PMs, but at this point, I am utterly stumped at what's going on. The key issue being that, though I have changed nothing about my strawberry perl installation and the placement of the perl script and associated strings folder(s), the command I originally used for generating the GUI translation (a few months ago) is not responding anymore. Whether I used a Windows command prompt or the built-in "perl (command line)" .bat (it's basically a .bat isn't it ?), it just doesn't work. I've checked and rechecked the location of the script and the structure of my folders a million times over, same with the typing in of the exact command line. I am unable to even change the directory with the "cd D:\ (...etc.)" command. I was able to do it perfectly fine before. I really can't explain why this is even happening, other than either: a.) I must be missing one little detail somewhere in the process, but am not sure what it could be... b.) the version of the "gen_lang.pl" perl script I've been using is, simply, incompatible with version 2.03. Even though I've asked Tels about this, he was none the wiser. So I'm really unsure. There's also another potential issue: The documentation for how to do a localisation of the GUI feels... completely outdated to me. I think we'll have to do some extensive updating on this matter in the near future, as even the wiki has only very basic documentation on this stuff and it hinders further TDM development for other languages. I suppose it speaks volumes that even months ago, I had to first personally contact Tels to even get the script needed for translating the GUI. Things went better after that, but ever since I updated to 2.03, I had to redo the entire translation (thankfully, only by copying the existing text). This was due to the known incompatibility issues between 2.02 and 2.03. (My translated strings for 2.02 simply wouldn't work for 2.03, so I had to start over.) In hindsight, I think I should have updated to 2.03 before even starting the translation. But if the incompatibility issue with the perl script is indeed real (I'm not sure, honest), then I would have gained little with that anyway, as it wouldn't work. Ultimately, this is a massive Catch-22 of sorts and I'm just completely baffled what to do at this point. I wanted to finish the translation/localisation of the GUI and the base package missions by now, but this problem has rendered it impossible. I'd really like to finish and test the localisation already, just because I probably won't have much additional time come September. (That, and I finally want to move on to actual mission development.) Any advice, guys and gals ?
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