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Found 1 result

  1. Another idea has been on my mind a lot... pretty much since I entered my first TDM mission; Before starting some missions, you get a menu where you can buy certain items and equipment within a given amount of gold. This is a nice feature! But since TDM missions often take place in towns where you encounter civilians, and you steal a lot of loot during missions (which you currently don't spend on anything), I would love to see it extended to supporting in-world shops. The idea is that, some NPC civilians could have stuff for sale. When you select and click them, you get a list of the items they offer, and the price in a currency they're willing to trade them for (Jewels, Goods, Gold). This can include normal tools, like potions or arrows, as well as items related to objectives or progress, such as keys or letters or a special item. Note that, if it's an item necessary to complete the mission, the mapper must make sure you can't spend the loot you find past the point where you can no longer afford that item, and that killing the merchant fails the mission or makes the item drop. I assume this might be possible with scripting already, although I haven't seen shops in any missions so far, nor interactive menus of any sort... so I assume an external script is needed at best. As with other things, I wanted to suggest adding this as a mainstream feature, ready for mappers to find and use. Does anyone else agree, and support being able to spend the loot you steal on items you can buy from NPC's?
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