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Found 1 result

  1. TDM and most of its players relate a lot to the Thief series. I only remember briefly playing what was probably the first Thief game, over approximately a decade ago... although I agree the idea and series are nice. I did however play a similar series from the same company since my late childhood: DeusEx. In regard to gameplay it's almost exactly like TDM... just that instead of a medieval setting, it's a futuristic one. You use electric batons instead of a blackjack, bullet and plasma weapons instead of a bow, notes you find around the world are digital instead of paper, there are often keypads instead of mechanical locks, and additionally computers you can hack or log into. Just like Thief fans created TDM out of a dream to make a FOSS game similar to it, I've been dreaming of creating an open world with stealth elements where the action takes place in a futuristic city during a modern dark age. TDM already has the layout for exactly what I seek! Just one problem: There are no assets of this sort. No modern weapons, no computers or keypads, no robots to patrol the streets, so on. Obviously it's meant to take place in a steampunk setting, and I wouldn't suggest something as radical as changing that by default. But I was wondering if maybe, it could be possible to create a sci-fi package containing models / textures / sounds / entities for a futuristic city setting, alike to DeusEx - Invisible War. Which could be distributed as a mod, or even included if simply having the assets as part of TDM wouldn't ruin its theme. Apart from having the right assets, there's also an additional problem: Some mechanics for modern worlds don't exist in the code itself. First of all this affects weapons: There's only one bow which shoots different arrows, and no way to implement a taser + pistol + shotgun + machine gun + sniper. Second problem is computers and keypads: There are currently no mechanics to make a monitor show an interactive window when used... in which you type a username or password to get a list of emails, a menu from which you can lock or unlock doors, activate or deactivate bots, and especially see images from cameras mounted around the map (which would involve the engine rendering from perspectives additional to your first person view). I imagine that a few of these things could be fixed via scripting, but not all. Still, even with the current game code, a modern city environment would be somewhat possible. The model and animation of the existing bow could be replaced with a metal crossbow, and arrows given a metallic body instead of wood. The blackjack could look like a police baton, while the sword could be turned into a modern combat knife. Computer screens could simply act like existing books, and use a screen background while printing text you can scroll through. And until real keypads you can type on are introduced, the lock picking sounds and door animations could resemble hacking a digital lock. The rest is a matter of replacing leather clothing with modern civilian clothes or armor, gas lamps with modern street lamps, and adding modern props like trash bins + cars + vending machines + soda bottles + etc. The good part is that there are already a lot of assets that could be used. Famous texture packages include trak5, philipk, ex, and possibly more (those can be found in Nexuiz / Xonotic). Example 1, example 2, example 3. I'm not sure under what license the Doom 3 assets were released under... since being able to use the weapons and marine characters there would certainly be fantastic! In either case, what are your thoughts on this, and who else wants it? Would a modern environment be possible, and has anyone considered a TDM mod to allow for DeusEx style maps?
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