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Found 5 results

  1. Hello. There's one suggestion I wanted to make in regard to potential new entities and assets. I noticed there are now rat and horse NPC's, which can be placed on maps and offer a nice touch. Since the action usually takes place in towns, and players can break into people's houses or encounter civilians, I was wondering if cats and dogs could ever be expected. I think they'd add some nice extra detail to towns, and could even have a few roles in regard to gameplay. I was thinking of something among these lines: Cats: Can run about as fast as rats, and have the ability to somewhat block the p
  2. I've been wondering whether it might make sense to consider adding child NPC's to character arsenal of TDM. If of course we had a model artist wanting to create one, and a real life teen willing to record a new voice package. Currently I'm thinking of two categories: Children from poor families who are dirty and dressed in rags, and children from rich families who are dressed as lords. Art wise, I think it would add more detail and diversity to the populations of towns, which is the same reason why I suggested pets a while ago. It could also help put more accent on family life in the medieva
  3. I assume this should already be possible... but I haven't seen it enabled in any missions so far, and was curious how to do it. Is there a way to make guards which are knocked out (not killed) wake up after a given interval, and sound the alarm once they realize they've been blackjacked? Separately, can an NPC wake up an unconscious ally when (s)he sees one and checks the body?
  4. One of the many things I love about TDM is that its mechanics are realistic and historically accurate, but not necessarily its missions and assets. There are glowing mushrooms, giant spiders, not to mention the many variations of undead... used inside stories about spells and magic. I'm really curious whether this department could hold even more plans for the future... especially in the era of NPC's. Any chance of seeing more mythical creatures, either added to TDM or distributed as mods? The first that comes to mind are dragons. Especially because TDM looks so much like Skyrim from a graphi
  5. I know I've made several threads about different features, so I hope I'm not overdoing it. There is one more thing I've been wondering about, which is also relevant to my plans to make TDM maps in the future. I was wondering to what extent TDM can allow dialogues between players and NPC's. Sure, I've seen missions in which an NPC talks toward the player when he gets close, and there are occasionally people conversing about mission related information which you can eavesdrop on. There are however a few points I'm specifically interested in, and how they must be done in scripts or DarkRadiant:
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