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Found 2 results

  1. As per Duzenko's request here: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/19650-glsl-custom-shaders-a-mapper-wanted/page-2?do=findComment&comment=427749 Currently we can't use bloom with lights as efficiently as in other engines. Blend add mode, along with emissive texture does not allow the light to be bigger than actual bounds of a model, even with high bloom intensity settings. Example: Now in other non-PBR engines like UDK, you have Emissive slot in your material definition, and you can use that texture with multiply operation to achieve this effect: In TDM, you have to fake this effect with transparent particle, which takes more time to make, adds resources and needs more processing power. It would be great to have this effect only through post processing, as in image above.
  2. Lately, I was searching the wiki to see if there's any way to tweak Bloom settings a bit more, and I found this page: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Advanced_TDM_Visuals_Tweaking All the cvars described there can be put in your autoexec.cfg, so you can use them in your map, but you can also bind them to keys or paste in console to tweak settings in real time. All variables are interdependent, and apart from bloom strength and settings you can tweak things like image contrast. There's even a kind of depth of field effect, but it's not camera-dependent, i.e. you can either make lit areas or shadows blurry. It's kind of weird, but maybe it could be useful in some cases. Example settings: TDS-like milky bloom: r_postprocess_bloomIntensity 2 r_postprocess_brightPassThreshold .2 r_postprocess_brightPassOffset 2 r_postprocess_colorCurveBias .4 r_postprocess_colorCorrection 0 r_postprocess_colorCorrectBias 0 High-contrast image: r_postprocess_bloomIntensity 0 r_postprocess_brightPassThreshold 0 r_postprocess_brightPassOffset 0 r_postprocess_colorCurveBias 1.4 r_postprocess_colorCorrection 10 r_postprocess_colorCorrectBias 1 Me playing without glasses: r_postprocess_bloomIntensity 1 r_postprocess_brightPassThreshold 0 r_postprocess_brightPassOffset 1 r_postprocess_colorCurveBias 0 r_postprocess_colorCorrection 0 r_postprocess_colorCorrectBias 1 Light-based DOF: r_postprocess_bloomIntensity 1 r_postprocess_brightPassThreshold 0 r_postprocess_brightPassOffset 1 r_postprocess_colorCurveBias 2 r_postprocess_colorCorrection 1 r_postprocess_colorCorrectBias 0 I hope you'll come up with some other uses as well
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