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Found 2 results

  1. _________________________________________________________________________________________ A Campaign for The Dark Mod We are pleased to announce that we are working on The Crucible of Omens, a full-length campaign for The Dark Mod, the moody Doom 3-based stealth game by Broken Glass Studios. Playing as the thief and adventurer John Welland Hadley, you will embark on a quest to find a powerful artifact inherited from a shadowy past. You journey will take you throughout The Dark Mod universe, discovering new and exotic locations and meeting new and interesting factions and characters. The Crucible of Omens spans multiple large missions and is being worked on by many well-known TDM mappers and team members. Features include: A wealth of different environments from the smoke-darkened city of Bridgeport to the icy northlands, from opulent mansions to the cobwebbed depths of forgotten catacombs. Gameplay centred on stealth, the pursuit of in-game clues and open-ended exploration, utilising the technical possibilities of The Dark Mod to create a complex, interactive game world. New opponents and characters. What drives the pirates of Wrecker's Reach? Who are the mysterious Urielites? And what lurks in the mind of Lord Blackstone? AI conversations and player character comments. A unique story experienced through in-game actions, animated briefings and dynamic objectives. No official release date has been set; updates will continue as the campaign development progresses. Be sure to keep an eye out for future updates. How can I help with the project? We are currently looking for skilled individuals to help contribute to the project in the following areas: artist and animator (cutscenes and in-game animations) modeller (campaign-specific models) mapper (scripting, bugfixes, testing) voice actors (various) music composers Main mappers: Angua, Bikerdude, Dram, Fidcal, Greebo, Jdude, Melan _________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. After looking at an old TTLG post and seeing a video of a map I never thought I'd see a video of I realized people will posy ANYTHING online. So it got me curious to see if anyone had posted vids of my old Thief II maps. Which got me thinking, it would be cool to see videos of any work anyone here has done. How would i know if you made a certain Quake map or whatnot... So post 'em here. If you can find any video of ANY game stuff you've done, here's the place. Why not post your TDM work here too. ============ Crom's Blade : Thief II : Schwaa (aka me) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3f4_bywJ0UY Cosas : Thief II : well, not MY map, but our friend FenPheonix does read my name in the credits right before Digi (eherm... Dishounoured fame ), around6:00 you may recognized a certain gold trophy ,model that made it's way into TDM. I did custom meshes for two of the main characters, the opening furniture and several other objects. This is part 9, I can't bear to watch the series as I have yet (somewhat ashamed to admit, though technical problems are partly to blame, played it yet) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltHLjSli_8I
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