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Found 3 results

  1. Thinking about sound effects and ambience matters in the last few weeks, but especially yesterday, I've decided to start a single thread for sound-related stuff I'm working on or might work on in the near future. I've dug out a few interesting sounds I've recorded myself over the last few months and years, and read up on what sounds we still might be missing. Obviously, I'd prefer to focus on sounds we don't have enough of yet, or sounds that might be in need of improvement. ---- I haven't worked on the ice-related effects for now, but I've done some recording on potential new sounds for the candlesticks. Contact with surfaces at various intensity, the usual thing. The surfaces were older wooden furniture and thick ceramic kitchen tiles (non-glazed). Surfaces that make sense in TDM, I hope. I'll be uploading these shortly, I still need to edit them a bit. ---- For wilderness scenarios, I have the following recording of an owl's calls (made a few months ago). It's been edited down to only include the owl itself, and it's all in .ogg format : http://www.mediafire.com/listen/p2mhh2rh4bl0uu2/little+owl+call+raw+record.ogg Unfortunately, this is a bit of a raw record. I accidentally captured some humming in the background, presumably because my portable recorder was sticking out of the window and captured some device humming away in the interior. I'll try to clean up the recording so we'll only keep the owl calls, and I'd honestly appreciate some help with this, if someone wants to try it. The owl calls I've managed to record are a bit unusual, since they're more weepy-sounding than the more stereotypical hoot-hoot. This is because it's a little owl (yes, that's the species name in English for some reason), and they have a rather characteristic voice. I think it would be a creepy call to hear in a night forest, though.
  2. Hi guys, I've started making music and want to share some sound effects: https://www.lucidsamples.com/sound-effects-packs/156-1000-sfx-production-tools-vol-2.html
  3. Helloes. My plan is to, with the help of you guys, compile a list over what needs doing on the audio side and then try to get these things done. I've been working with audio as a hobbyist for many years, I play a few instruments sufficiently well to be able to compose things and I have some in-depth knowledge in production techniques, audio synthesis, live recording, music theory and acoustics. With that said, I'm far from a master; I learn and read up on new things all the time to broaden my knowledge even further. I primarily work in Propellerheads Reason for music production and audio creation. So far I've seen a few topics here being discussed. Ice footstep sounds. (Might be possible to modify the stone sounds to achieve this, otherwise I'll have to get out with one of my harddisc recorders and figure something out). City ambient sounds. Carts rolling, animals howling, muffled talk, distant oneshots; anything to try to make the cityscapes come alive. Strained metal sounds. (Should be quite easy with a ring modulator and some basic waveforms in pretty much any synth where you can sculpt sound from scratch). + Chest opening/closing sounds are inconsistent.+ New dropped candlestick holder sound, old one sounds tinny.+ Lockpicking sounds.+ Inconsistent jumping/landing sounds. Also being mentioned in another thread is the lack of ambient music, and general indoors ambient. What I'm thinking here is basically composing and production work, possibly based on what is already in the mod (the indoor piano loops, etc) to fit well together with what is already available. Focus will be spent on adequate lengths and bearable repetitiveness, along with different levels of tension for the pieces. Areas that I have thought of so far, including things being mentioned in other threads, are the following: Manor/general indoors non-creepy environments.Harbor.Warehouse.Factory.Wilderness.Mountains. Suggestions by Obsttorte in http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/16931-composer-for-the-dark-mod/ .+ More themes for the builders.+ Themes for the pagans.+ As we have Moors now, it would be nice to have ambient music for them, although Springheel or so would have to point out their background so you get an idea what they are about (didn't follow the related discussions too closely).+ Something for our inventors. Steampunk like, but not too futuristic.+ Anything else we come up with. I've also been thinking of creating a sample pack of sort, with a variety of "building blocks" for people to create their own ambient tracks for maps. Others in this subforum have already showed very promising results using freeware and basic editing techniques (Paulstretch, Audacity, etc), but it might be tricky to track down CC-licensed source material to use. In combination with being a collected thread where you can follow the progress on these things, I will also act as a mentor and self-proclaimed guru, trying to answer questions others might have regarding audio work. If someone needs help with editing/mixing of any sort, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to contribute. In case there are more people interested in helping out with specific tasks, or have knowledge in areas where I myself might lack, join in and help out! General suggestions on things that might need updating can be discussed here and we'll see what we can do.
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