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Found 1 result

  1. First of all thank you for this great effort in reviving one of the most beautifull games of all times. I was following this project for quite some time but since now is a standalone release i gave it a go. Some of the problems that I'm experiencing but I saw some other did as well. -On a high end system (GTX760) I experience really low fps (10-15) which seems to get slightly better if I decrease antiallizing etc, but always below 30fps. The config file is as per wiki's recommended instructions -As other I cant load the two preinstalled missions, but it works perfectly on others. - I was facing really slow loading times but by deactivating vertical sync it got better but still not perfect. Now a problem that I didnt manage to find a similar question anywhere. - I face major shuttering in my movement. When I press a movement key I will likely face a pause on my movement. Its like stop pressing the movement button, which is quite difficult to play and perform on any level. For example when I press forward, after a while Garett stops moving. Release forward and press again, Garett moves but it will stop after a while. There is no constant pattern its just random but quite often.
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