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Found 1 result

  1. Thinking about sound effects and ambience matters in the last few weeks, but especially yesterday, I've decided to start a single thread for sound-related stuff I'm working on or might work on in the near future. I've dug out a few interesting sounds I've recorded myself over the last few months and years, and read up on what sounds we still might be missing. Obviously, I'd prefer to focus on sounds we don't have enough of yet, or sounds that might be in need of improvement. ---- I haven't worked on the ice-related effects for now, but I've done some recording on potential new sounds for the candlesticks. Contact with surfaces at various intensity, the usual thing. The surfaces were older wooden furniture and thick ceramic kitchen tiles (non-glazed). Surfaces that make sense in TDM, I hope. I'll be uploading these shortly, I still need to edit them a bit. ---- For wilderness scenarios, I have the following recording of an owl's calls (made a few months ago). It's been edited down to only include the owl itself, and it's all in .ogg format : http://www.mediafire.com/listen/p2mhh2rh4bl0uu2/little+owl+call+raw+record.ogg Unfortunately, this is a bit of a raw record. I accidentally captured some humming in the background, presumably because my portable recorder was sticking out of the window and captured some device humming away in the interior. I'll try to clean up the recording so we'll only keep the owl calls, and I'd honestly appreciate some help with this, if someone wants to try it. The owl calls I've managed to record are a bit unusual, since they're more weepy-sounding than the more stereotypical hoot-hoot. This is because it's a little owl (yes, that's the species name in English for some reason), and they have a rather characteristic voice. I think it would be a creepy call to hear in a night forest, though.
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