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Found 1 result

  1. Hey, I am opening this thread out of curiosity and to gain some insight on what people think of gaming in community outside the internet. I am doing my diploma-work next semester in architecture, and the goal is to design a building of choosen function, preferably a function that stand close to us, or have special interest in. I am thinking of designing an all-around place where one can go for a session of community gaming(be it computer,tabletop or a hybrid), to house competitions and events,a limited shop that sells (gaming)culture-related stuff (mostly 'on order' basis) . I am not thinking of dark rooms with computers and tables and a bar, but a conscious design that is convienent, and tries making gaming in a community a viable option to sitting at home, to make it a different experience. So how would you feel about a place like that in your town,or is it there already? Do you think many people would be interested in using it? Any experiences with places like this? (even from older times) My impression is that the time has come when something like this could be sustainable again. Whenever i read about some tabletop game, there are always a handful of commentators wishing they knew enough local buddies to play it with. Cooperative games and team based games are more popular than ever, but no headset is the same as yelling at each other in the same room. Cloud gaming, steam and other online services makes your own content and data accessible. I've heard friends who complained that they are bored of their social activities generally consisting of getting drunk.That they wish they could go somewhere that interest them, yet makes it possible to be in a close personal community. So , do you think the need for places like that is a real need, the lack of them a problem, or has time passed over this concept and its all about mobilephones and online activities now?
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