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  1. _Atti_

    Play to Earn

    I guess you can only play to earn, if your 'playing' creates value. Most of the schemes involving this phrase thinks that skipping the value creation is somehow enabled when cryptocurrencies are involved. I don't think people are particularly against games designed for players to earn money, they are against the deceit that these efforts are anything else than gambling and pyramid schemes. I would not worry about the phenomena in this form getting anywhere big, like lowering interest in actual games. Its a self felling tree.
  2. Hey, Just thought i share this with you http://explore.moobels.com/ I just come across this company, they scan historical items from museums to present it. They are using Sketchfab to present them. It might be worth looking around if other projects like this lay around, there is really good inspiration and study potential in these models, next best thing to viewing them in the museum.
  3. Is everything ok with your cables? I once had purple/pink hued screen and it was because of bad cable. In linux have you tried setting the same resolution as windows lets you to see if the problem persists? you can set custom resolution/refreshrate : http://askubuntu.com/questions/377937/how-to-set-a-custom-resolution
  4. Blender is really good. I've been using it for like 3 years for architectural works both student and real jobs. I personally think it has really good interface, sure its not something one can learn by him/herself but it is so well documented and free tutorials are plenty it can be learned quite easily in a few weeks to a good level. I've tried my hands at 3dsmax in the past(also a little taste of lightwave), and while it maybe technologically more advanced, from my experience its just not as slick and quick-to-use as blender. You can feel the freedom coming from it's open source nature while using it. Its those 'ah, they did think about That too..' moments that make it so loveable.
  5. Yea,from what i've gathered, the various side-gig mini-arcades partly induced the fall of the business as they made the phenomenon far too common. Spreading out customer-base too much that ended in prices rising to a level where it wasn't a viable regular entertainment option anymore and became more of a 'from time-to-time' activity. Also these mini-arcades couldn't keep up with the technological advance of machines as gaming wasn't their main profile which slowly led people to the image of arcades as 'something that might amuse a little child..'. By the way, there is something that was easier back then. I remember having a place in our small town where children and adult played Mortal Kombat together. Cant imagine eight year olds ripping each other's spines in public ( and in the game) could go down without a scandal anymore So because of that and what Demagogue mentioned: There might be a need for separation between the more controlled public attraction spaces and the 'lairs' of regulars where even custom content may appear. We had a similar place in our little town (pop. 4000) too. It closed about 3-4 months from start. The problem with it was that it was really small with only about 6 computers, but the interest was explosive, it was also very expensive and it was pay by entry/hour not use of computer/hour. So it was usual that the fastest/strongest children played and everyone else just stood around and eventually got bored of never getting a chance at playing. At that price people stopped attending to spectate, and only few remained that wasn't enough for business. So in a nutshell it was a wrong model.
  6. Thanks for the insights! So strong multifunctionality is important to keep it in business.I will keep thinking of things to make the idea better that way. I think it may be a bit less expensive to keep up a place like that nowadays than previously. Technology got more efficient. Online services make software update/maintenance easier. If internet cafees can exist i think this may not be that much of a stretch either if balanced carefully. VR occured to me also. Also other experimental and expensive gaming ideas. I would try to put the emphasis on playing here being a different more pleasant and social experience than at home rather than that it costs less. Prices cannot be easily beaten, almost everything is cheaper at home in the long run. I was thinking along the lines of longer term tickets, like Gyms, instead of pay per use. As for board games, my point would be that playing at home or organizing it privately in the Plaza or in a library, while it can be really fun and homey, it may not be the best option when presented against a full fledged space designed for it. Empathizing again on the community part of the idea that it could also possibly bridge a gap between the users of various types of games so it would boost itself. Also some games are better if played against new and changing 'enemies'.Meeting new people could be a lot easier with a place like this to back it. Where would you image this would work better? in dense city areas or at a more quiet but still well accessible periphery?
  7. Hey, I am opening this thread out of curiosity and to gain some insight on what people think of gaming in community outside the internet. I am doing my diploma-work next semester in architecture, and the goal is to design a building of choosen function, preferably a function that stand close to us, or have special interest in. I am thinking of designing an all-around place where one can go for a session of community gaming(be it computer,tabletop or a hybrid), to house competitions and events,a limited shop that sells (gaming)culture-related stuff (mostly 'on order' basis) . I am not thinking of dark rooms with computers and tables and a bar, but a conscious design that is convienent, and tries making gaming in a community a viable option to sitting at home, to make it a different experience. So how would you feel about a place like that in your town,or is it there already? Do you think many people would be interested in using it? Any experiences with places like this? (even from older times) My impression is that the time has come when something like this could be sustainable again. Whenever i read about some tabletop game, there are always a handful of commentators wishing they knew enough local buddies to play it with. Cooperative games and team based games are more popular than ever, but no headset is the same as yelling at each other in the same room. Cloud gaming, steam and other online services makes your own content and data accessible. I've heard friends who complained that they are bored of their social activities generally consisting of getting drunk.That they wish they could go somewhere that interest them, yet makes it possible to be in a close personal community. So , do you think the need for places like that is a real need, the lack of them a problem, or has time passed over this concept and its all about mobilephones and online activities now?
  8. Video still shows the pissing image while saying 'now i've got others to do the hard work'..of what? pissing 'up against buildings'? Sure sounds hard.. Even if the message is that the hard work is robbing..that makes Basso doing what? Bumming around the city..That makes me eager to steal back the life to it..I am with the city guards at this point.. I think the problem that plagues productions these days, is that they do things by prescribed recipes and just throw in all the cheap ingredients that substitute the real flavour..
  9. The method i described up there isn't relying on Ai seeing the light. Wouldn't that kind of simplification of the problem work?
  10. Well this happens most likely because of: -player lantern -player carried lightsource -physics induced movement of lightsource The third can be ruled out in most situations because the noise alerts the guard anyway. I dont know exactly how TDM scripts or code works, but maybe a variable could be turned true if player activates lantern, or while frobbing a lightsource type object. When this variable is true then all AI would perform an extra distance check of the player ( even if one a half sec) , if its within a certain radius the guard would perform a quick turn-around. If player is there he will see him and gets alerted, if not he turns back and continues. Walls or doors would present a problem, but if the distance is reasonable and as long as its a simple turnaround and not an instant alert its not that big a deal.
  11. Whereever i go i keep hearing this. No it is not about options. It is about design. If a game is designed with these features in mind then all you'll be achieving by disabling stuff is you will 'pretend' that you're playing a better designed game. I for one am tired of this. Dx HR, Syrim. It is optional to turn off objective markers, but since they designed the game with them in mind there isnt sufficient alternative information for you to find them manually, so you will most likely stumble upon them and pretend you found them logically. This decision also shows in level-design: Dx air-vents are perfect example. Entering original Dx airvents you could guess where they would lead by their directions. Dx HR vents are like snakes in a bulding, and are just shortcuts between two points. For me there is a certain difference in climbing through an (dx)airvent faintly knowing where it would lead, navigating it accordingly and getting to my goal, and getting into a (dxHR)vent because there is a challenge ahead, wrigling around in it until popping up behind the challenge and pretending how smart i was choosing this path. There is a huge difference between roleplaying and pretending to be in a role. Especially since its a single player game , it is meant to force rules on the player, it is no fun if you have to make it all up. Its like playing with dolls, or football against imaginery people. I dont need a new Thief game so i can pretend i am a thief. I could use ANY game to do that.I need a new Thief game so i can play AS a thief. All these 'options' were called cheating in better times, and yes there were cheats that made the game harder but they didnt claim it was design-brilliance or a selling point.
  12. _Atti_

    Dark Souls

    Dark souls is great, but should be looked upon as an exploration / fighting game rather than an rpg. I started playing it since around autumn but still hasnt finished, however i could not say it was boring for a minute, and its rewarding exploration / danger factor is unparalleled i think. It is best played by controller in half to one hour sessions so it doesnt get on your nerves too much
  13. On topic of game is easy if you have to withhold your tools. I agree. Game should be hard on its own and the player should rely on all his resources to get through. However i really think this is more up to mappers than to the core game. A bow is lethal, mostly undodgeable, and our character wields it with deadly precision, he could not otherwise use it for extinguishing far away flames .. So if you give this character a deadly arrow he will certainly step up to be a good assasin. I have one idea for balancing out broadheads but it could be a dealbreaker for the released maps: The thief should carry only the head of a deadly arrow, he knows he probably should rely on them only at special circumstances so he saves space in the quiver (and noise) by not carrying these pre-attached. So he carries these arrowheads and he must sacrifice an other type of arrow if he wants to use it, It could be attachable to any arrow types except the water arrow which is not compatible ( too many and not too expensive, so it would lead to the same). Setting up the arrow takes a 5 sec assembling time. Perfect for those days when you really need a broadhead for some onholy reason, and no more massacres. As for swordfight, i allways thought it to be a pointless stress-reliever before a reload. The character should be a weakling, tough guards should sweep away his block. Expert guards and soldiers gutting him at first contact. He may be smart but he just isnt cut for this, not to mention the years long training those guards have. A small pointy dagger is all he should need, for cutting off lootbags, and eating the apples I think the solution is on mappers, but they know this allready i am sure - either dont give the player a deadly arrow, or penalise with mission failure. - more complex solution is to treat every death with gameplay consequences. A found out murder (or any found body) in a map should mean that it gets a madhouse in there, extra patrols, secured doors, extra protection on important stuff. -meta game way: make murder regrettable. In Deus ex a hint at how innocent people could be among MJ12's soldiers had me sparing them.
  14. Are you playing on a TV by any chance? When i played on TV some resolution settings cause TDM to run on 640*480.
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