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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys, First of all (it's my 1st message), I would say thank you so much for TDM (all your work is amazing)! I love you (big fan of Thief series from first one, just discovered & playing now TDM since weeks). I want to help. I'm Arch Linux user & IT cybersecurity engineer. I would like to submit something I did try to troubleshoot. As said I use multi screens (3 screens). When running TDM (<=2.09), only main monitor display run TDM, others turns black I did try several things, using CLI, windows manager, TDM CVARS, etc... nothing worked. Then I did use nvidia-settings GUI and when running TDM i did see that X config is rewritten. 2 screens got resolution turned off (that's why they turns black). Maybe it should be a great thing to improve that behavior? improving screen parsing & using? Set an option to select a screen? I don't know what is the best solution. May I help? And how? Trying to create a new build on my own? Thanks again. S3ph
  2. Hello! First of all, you guys are awesome for bringing out a standalone TDM!! One "issue" that i observed during compilation of TDM2.0 source in VC2010 Ultimate on Windows 7 is that the DirectX SDK path is hardcoded as C:\Program Files (x86)\... which caused the the 'Engine' project build to fail, as my path was different. I had to go to 'engine.vcxproj', and manually replace all such paths for the source to compile. May i suggest that the path be taken from the environment variables (DXDSK_DIR or DIRECTX_SDK_HOME) instead?
  3. Dear All, I cannot start TDM 2.0, because it says: <code> root@JESSIE-K55VD:/home/ptoth/TheDarkMod# ./thedarkmod.x86 ./thedarkmod.x86: error while loading shared libraries: libXxf86vm.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory </code> I Googled the problem as much as I could: My params: ASUS K55VD 1, uname -a: 3.10-3-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.10.11-1 (2013-09-10) x86_64 GNU/Linux 2, TDM version: 2.0 3, I already installed libtxc-dxtn0 package from debian-multimedia repo (As Debian.org recommends) 4, I have the latest version from both libxxf86dga1 and libxxf86vm1 (devel packages are not installed) Thanks for any help from you! ptoth
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