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Found 1 result

  1. I am quite far with my first map and I am placing some visportals now. When you play the map, everything outside is rendered. The inside of the big building I placed somewhere is not rendered, thanks to a visportal. So it seems like visportals work pretty good with doors. But I also made a tunnel, which is reached after using a button, which opens then "sarcophagus_lid.lwo" with a slide animation. The visportal i placed there is not working as intended. Everytime I face the visportal it is green (r_showportals 1) and only gets red when I don't look at it, which is weird for me, because on normal doors it behaves a different way (It is red until opened). In the picture you can see two visportals working perfectly, while the green one is the visportal mentioned above. What am I doing wrong? How can I make the visportal behave like it does on doors? EDIT: I somehow forgot the question about lights. Here it is: I made a room with a beam at the top half of the room. It is possible to walk on that beam and there is no light on it. But I placed some lamps/lights right under the beam. Now the light and shadow looks pretty weird:
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