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Found 1 result

  1. Hey! With the Thief series the slow pace make them perfect games to play on the big screen with a controller, However TDM has a lot of keys to set up (like the original Thief) so mapping all the keys to a controller is a challenge and requires some compromises to be made. I've been playing with a Xbox360 controller for a while now, and think I have a good setup for TDM, with all or most of the functions mapped. For those interested, I thought I'd share it here, and ask for any input you guys have on what could be improved. The Dark Mod Xbox 360 Controller =============================== Main ==== LS: WASD movement LS Press: Crouch RS: Mouse look / Rotate (with manipulate) RS Press: Eyeglass A: Frob / Interact B: Use item X: Jump / Mantle Y: Lantern Dpad Up: Lean forward Dpad Down: Put away weapons Dpad Left: Lean left Dpad Right: Lean right LT: Parry / Manipulate RT: Attack RB: Change to Set 2 LB: Run Back: ESC Start: Objectives Set 2 ===== LS: WASD movement LS Press: Clear inventory RS: Mouse look / Rotate (with manipulate) RS Press: Drop inventory item Y: Cycle lockpicks X: Cycle keys A: Cycle maps B: Cycle readables Dpad Up: Previous weapon / Zoom Dpad Down: Next weapon / Zoom Dpad Left: Next inventory item Dpad Right: Previous inventory item LT: Shortsword RT: Blackjack LB: Creep RB: n/a Back: Quick load Start: Quick save And here is the profile itself. Copy+paste to a profile file, you know how it works of you use Xpadder: ;--- Xpadder Profile Data --- DataType=Profile Version=2013.07.18 Name=Thief The Dark Mod Set1Name=Main Set1StickDeadZones=92,64 Set1DPadMode=FourWay Set2Name=Set 2 Set2StickDeadZones=92,64 Set2DPadMode=FourWay Set1Button1Name=Frob/interact Set1Button1Slots=Right Mouse Button (2) Set1Button2Name=Use item Set1Button2Slots=Enter Set1Button3Name=Jump/Mantle Set1Button3Slots=Space Set1Button4Name=Lantern Set1Button4Slots=L Set1Button5Name=Creep Set1Button5Slots=Left Shift Set1Button6Name=To Set 2 Set1Button6SetSelect=1 Set1Button7Name=Menu Set1Button7Slots=Escape Set1Button8Name=Objectives Set1Button8Slots=O Set1Button9Name=Crouch Set1Button9Slots=X Set1Button10Name=Spyglass Set1Button10Slots=G Set1DPadUpName=Lean forward Set1DPadUpSlots=F Set1DPadRightName=Lean right Set1DPadRightSlots=E Set1DPadDownName=Put away weapon Set1DPadDownSlots=Back-Tick Set1DPadLeftName=Lean left Set1DPadLeftSlots=Q Set1Stick1UpName=Forward Set1Stick1UpSlots=W Set1Stick1RightName=Strafe right Set1Stick1RightSlots=D Set1Stick1DownName=Backward Set1Stick1DownSlots=S Set1Stick1LeftName=Strafe left Set1Stick1LeftSlots=A Set1Stick2UpSlots=Mouse Move Up Set1Stick2UpMouseSpeed=32 Set1Stick2RightSlots=Mouse Move Right Set1Stick2RightMouseSpeed=32 Set1Stick2DownSlots=Mouse Move Down Set1Stick2DownMouseSpeed=32 Set1Stick2LeftSlots=Mouse Move Left Set1Stick2LeftMouseSpeed=32 Set1TriggerLeftName=Parry/Manipulate Set1TriggerLeftSlots=Middle Mouse Button (3) Set1TriggerRightName=Attack Set1TriggerRightSlots=Left Mouse Button (1) Set2Button1Name=Toggle maps Set2Button1Slots=M Set2Button2Name=Toggle readables Set2Button2Slots=I Set2Button3Name=Toggle keys Set2Button3Slots=K Set2Button4Name=Toggle lockpicks Set2Button4Slots=P Set2Button5Name=Run Set2Button5Slots=Left Control Set2Button6SetSelect=0 Set2Button7Name=Quick load Set2Button7Slots=F9 Set2Button8Name=Quick save Set2Button8Slots=F4 Set2Button9Name=Clear inventory Set2Button9Slots=Back-Slash[uS]/Hash[uK] Set2Button10Name=Drop item Set2Button10Slots=R Set2DPadUpName=Prev. weapon Set2DPadUpSlots=Mouse Wheel Up Set2DPadRightName=Prev. inv. item Set2DPadRightSlots=Right Square Bracket Set2DPadDownName=Next weapon Set2DPadDownSlots=Mouse Wheel Down Set2DPadLeftName=Next inv. item Set2DPadLeftSlots=Left Square Bracket Set2Stick1UpName=Forward Set2Stick1UpSlots=W Set2Stick1RightName=Strafe right Set2Stick1RightSlots=D Set2Stick1DownName=Backward Set2Stick1DownSlots=S Set2Stick1LeftName=Strafe left Set2Stick1LeftSlots=A Set2Stick2UpSlots=Mouse Move Up Set2Stick2UpMouseSpeed=32 Set2Stick2RightSlots=Mouse Move Right Set2Stick2RightMouseSpeed=32 Set2Stick2DownSlots=Mouse Move Down Set2Stick2DownMouseSpeed=32 Set2Stick2LeftSlots=Mouse Move Left Set2Stick2LeftMouseSpeed=32 Set2Stick2UpRightSlots=5 Set2Stick2DownRightSlots=0 Set2Stick2DownLeftSlots=8 Set2Stick2UpLeftSlots=3 Set2TriggerLeftName=Sword Set2TriggerLeftSlots=2 Set2TriggerRightName=Blackjack Set2TriggerRightSlots=1 Any input is appreciated, and hope it is useful for people -Shadrach EDIT: Changed LB to Run, while Set 2 LB has Creep - figured after playing some more that Run+Jump needs to be possible and Creep is very rarely needed. There certainly are some missions where running jump is a necessity at some places.
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