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Found 1 result

  1. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Beneath the sands of Al Farum lie the desolated compounds of the Clockmaker's disciples. Before they made time itself become uniform, hours and centuries were pouring into the different lands like summer rains - unequally. Some lands, unimaginably ancient, were worn down by wind and sun, while others remained forever young like gardens of The First Serpent, filled with the creations of yet unskilled gods. Travelling helped to not only develop the sense of space, but also the - now forgotten - sense of time currents. That's where the disciples came from - travelers of time's labyrinth, always aware of its imperfections and splits, skilled in recognizing threats that grazes from the outside of time itself. To prevent floods and droughts of time, the disciples went back as far as they could to the source of time and studied it - they were referring to it as the Great Clock, the Clockmaker, the Time Sun - whatever it is, it tends to lose its impact on random locations, causing the land to fracture and tremble. The disciples managed to develop machines, the Great Clock's pendulums, that adjust its work and makes the world appear as we tend to think it always is. But the travelers are long gone now. It is unknown if they failed to foresee a terrible fate that awaited them in their struggle, or if they mastered their art to the point where they decided to abandon this torn apart world, making a great leap to a better one. All that remains are partially operational machines maintaining unseen matter with growing effort. Sadly, it seems that the only ones who can make use of its bizarre manifestations are the wealthy tourists who find joy in the spectacle of balancing life and death, movement and stillness. Simple minds toying with the scales that used to dose the essence of time, they mindlessly throw sand into the clockwork world's gears. The split is imminent and the momentum unstoppable, yet there is no one to foresee it." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Simple idea of spawning different creatures on enclosed arena - they fight with each other or with you. Default teams are townsfolk and monsters (both undead and spiders). Thieves are on player's side. Pagans, moors and mages on elementals side. download link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AoIlw2GQnPGZdyRRqJspMgGsi38
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