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Found 1 result

  1. A few times now I have run into a situation where I have needed an tweaked version of a model, either to remove a chain from a light model or trim or column from a wall model etc. As we now have a few modelers with proper modeling tools in the community it made sense to create this thread instead of struggling away in Darkradiant as I and other mappers have been doing. My first request is for some tweaked version of Springheel's interior wall models that remove the end column/s so we just have a nice flat wall/panel where they meet. And to allow for some flexibility LH/RH and non-column versions of these models would be useful - models/darkmod/architecture/modules/interior_set01_default.lwomodels/darkmod/architecture/modules/interior_set01_corner.lwo My second request is in addition to the removal of the column to also have part of the lower wood panel removed to accommodate a fireplace (models/darkmod/fireplace/fireplace_wooden) so neither are poking through into the firebox. And again LH/RH version would be useful. - models/darkmod/architecture/modules/interior_set01_default.lwomodels/darkmod/architecture/modules/interior_set01_corner.lwo My third request is just to have a hole cut in the center lower wood panel to accommodate a fireplace (models/darkmod/fireplace/fireplace_wooden) so its not poking through into the firebox. models/darkmod/architecture/modules/interior_set01_default.lwo All of the above new models need to be able to snap-able to grid, and line up with the existing models like the current models do. So it may be recommended to keep the origin in the exact same location as the donor model before saving/exporting.
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