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  1. I did try that many times and still no-go, I just had to get it to work and check it out, thats why the folder got put there, nothing else seemed to work and yes I used the tdm launcher. I didn't want to do that but it was the only solution unfortunatly. heck I even had to repack the zip into a pk4. after that chalice and outpost worked perfectly this is the only one I had trouble getting started. also the first page of objectives is blank and there are no purchases after that, thats if there is one? example:the tutorial level is in its own folder in the fms directory with a pk4 in it. the other missions I had to do the same or else it wouldnt work I don't know why. but the pk4 solution seemed to make it work. it wouldn't read as a .zip I shouldn't have to change anything really, but should anyone have trouble that might help. I'm just telling you what my first experience with all this has been like so far, the most important thing is that the darkmod WORKS! functions well enough to enjoy it. It is an amazing labor of love, just incredible. more wiki to read..... so far the darkmod toolset is well done, F3 is the magic button for rendering lighting and textures. looking foward to more FMS definatly, and will make one myself too. .......
  2. Thanks FIDCAL bud, at least I know it's not something on my end. That helps me.
  3. This map I feel was well done and the first time I've seen water in a doom 3 mod that looked impressive, wow is all I can say. This map reminded me more of the original thief game. This was well done and a nice suprise. Great job! JV
  4. This mission was quick, but I had diffuculties getting to to run in the first place. saying map error unable to load map. I got it to work after placing the map file in the main darkmod folder. Nice work! JV
  5. Hi everyone as im new to the darkmod forums but am an active member or the doom3 community. First of all well done and very impressive. yet I've had a diffucult spot I've run into. on the third floor room with the chalice and dome the safe on the wall contains items, like a key,loot and such, however they are not retrevable and I cannot pick them up. I shot an arrow in at the cup to knock it out of the safe and was still not able to pick it up. (nice cubemapping by the way) is it supposed to be that way? I'm thinking not but if I need the key in the safe to progress I can't take it. so I guess I'm stuck. Thanks. JV
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