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  1. More sfx experimentation.... This one came out of playing with a synth for a bit.... A machine sound loop machine hum.ogg some sort of "critter" that screams in the night.... creature/critter scream and a creepy ambient loop ambient haunt file -sax
  2. Yeah, the requests were the main reason why I started this thread. Maybe we should let the others know about it.... post a link in the other forums, maybe?
  3. If no one objects I thought a thread with music to help inspire all of us on the team or even just give a mood for a moment might be a good idea. The files don't have to necessarily be for the project but maybe "inspired by" or "in the same vein as". And, I guess all of the files have to be originals. We don't want to steal anyone else's work and post it for everyone to grab! Anyone can post here and add to the mood of the DarkMOD.... Thief-y moody piano/strings piece
  4. Hey guys, I've been studying through some of the original Thief 1/2 sound sets (as well as Thief: DS) and have noticed a pattern in some of the ambient "swell" sounds. It seems the sound designers would take a low synth sound in which the volume would slowly rise and very slowly fall and then render that sound to disk (maybe as a .WAV file). Then, and here's the Looking Glass Studios "magic", they would take some wave editing software and, taking the original stereo file of the sample, would reverse one of the channels to make it play backwards against the other normal playing channel. S
  5. Okay, updates here... Here is the latest revision to the monks chanting so see if this helps. Took the advice and slowed it down.... Gregorian Chant rev. 1 And here's my take on the "new objective" sfx new objective sfx And here is a samples of the ambient water drip loop for an underground level. ambient water drip loop -sax
  6. Additional test for an ambient here.... Cathedral sound - monk chanting... Gregorian chant ambient sample Feedback? Already I think the low monk voice shouldn't pulse near the end, but see if the sound is okay.... Thanks -sax
  7. Latest update on some of the sfx/ambient stuff... For the "frob_instrument_victrola" I changed two things in the music (just me being overly picky) music revision See what you think -sax
  8. Well, pakmannen..... I hope you and everyone around you is okay! I hope you guys didn't get flooding as well. Hang in there and glad you're back!
  9. I know what you mean... Looking Glass really knew how to hone the best out of every little bit of information to make it packaged as nicely as possible.... Boy, do we miss them! Imagine what Thief: DS would've been like with them on the job. Thoughts for some of the music in the project list..... There is a listing for classical piano music. Is this source music from one of hte old Viktrolas with scratches, etc. If so, is this the type of effect to go for?? scratchy Viktrola music - classical I know this probably isn't the style in which to do the music, but it was just a sketch fo
  10. Okay, here's another tweak to the loot sound. I noticed that the original had some ambient noise in the background as well as the bell sound. loot pickup fx rev 2 - bells and ambient noise Thanks for the kind words NH. Here's my take on the "pickpower" sfx from Thief 1/2 as well.... pickpower sfx test -sax
  11. I'll do some revision to some of the sounds. Here is the original Thief PICKLOOT sfx for reference. original Thief loot pickup sfx I didn't know if we could do it exactly, hence the variation on it. Wasn't sure how copyright worked with that.... Tried shortening the sound a bit just for giggles. Here is that sound.... loot pickup lo tightened up thx -sax
  12. Thanks for the input... I'm just trying to get a feel for the overall atmosphere and the input helps tremendously. I've reworked the two samples you heard and tried the music box up an octave and without as much of the scratchiness. I saw a post in the forum after I had started working on this file that said that it would be interesting to hear a sample of this with that "old record" kind of scratchy. I feel like maybe this sound drags on for too long now, maybe??? mansion music box cue rev. 1 I also reworked the underground ambient theme. I wanted to leave it as just the bass but cu
  13. Hey guys- I thought I'd post some of the work I've been doing and see if you guys think it will fit with the project. Here are some samples (they should be to spec) for you guys to review. Here is an ambient sound for use in the underground area. underground ambient And here is a source music sample of the music box in the mansion level. mansion musicbox And a sample of a water drip with reverb. Should these samples be made with or without reverb/will the sound engine take care of the reverb? underground water drip with reverb Don't know if this will even be an element in the
  14. Hey guys- Just throwin' my two cents worth in here... I like the title track even with the drums. All of the Thief themes have had that kickin' drum beat at the beginning set against that moody, ambient swirl synth sound. I think to get that Thief-esque drum sound you would have to compress the heck out of the drum sound and make it more "in your face" even with the "radio" effect. That's probably the difference you are hearing when you said it sounds "weird". It doesn't sound weird, just different... which is not always a bad thing! Great stuff... I'm looking forward to more. -sax
  15. Sparhawk, what I meant by "I hope these help" is that I hope these help you hear what kind of work I can do, that's all. Just sharing in the celebration of all things Thief. And, oDDity, both of the characters are actually voiced by me, although my voice works a bit better when I'm not getting over the flu (like right now). If there would be room for me anywhere I could even do little sfx like "grass rustling", "wind", "water", "metal clanging", "menu click #03", "sword being drawn", etc. And, I am used to matching styles, so that shouldn't be a problem. I'm just a big fan of Thief a
  16. Here is a sample I put together to give you an idea of some of my work. All the SFX, voices, and music are created here in the studio - so, no SFX library borrowing. The idea behind this sample would be a cutscene in which the Thief has been caught by an old adversary who has the power to let him go if the Thief "plays ball", so to speak. The setting is an old, damp dungeon with dripping water and stone flooring (of course). If you close your eyes I think you can hear the motion of the "camera" in this scene. Both files are in MP3 format. The first file is the track with ambient music
  17. Greetings fellow Thief fanatics. I am glad to see a community effort to keep one of the best ideas in gaming alive and well. Now, for an introduction... I am a classically trained musician, composer, sound designer/engineer, and voiceover person with a thumb in each and every musical pie out there. I would love to work with a dedicated team with the same type focus of gaming. My focus is in the "neo-classical/modern film score" realm of music, but I tackle any genre, as you may hear from the samples on my site. Please, feel free to visit my website for any information and/or sound samp
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