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  1. Okay. I added you on MSN. Send me a message over there if you get a chance. And no immediate rush on the story ideas. Whenever you or the team get an idea that seems to work, let me know. Also: I'm not registered? I thought I was... Maybe I'm very confused.
  2. I'm awake right now due to an unpleasant case of the flu, so if you want to discuss specifics, feel free to AIM me. To answer your questions: I would be happy to send you some examples of previous things I've written for my own enjoyment. They're not posted anywhere but I could rectify that if you wanted. And in relation to the made-to-order piece, it doesn't have to be something even related to the game. Just give me something to demonstrate my skills and I'll work with that. I'm currently just a general Physics major - my university doesn't have specializations. Though I've taken all
  3. I forgot to add: I'm a professional Maya modeler and my coding of choice is VC.NET. So.. I'm glad to hear you don't have a pressing need for either of those jobs, but given that (from what I've seen) you those are the tools most employed by this project, I'd be happy to throw in whatever help in those areas that is needed. Random environmental objects, wildlife, whatever. I can do my own texturework, too. It's not the best but it works. As for the writing: I think you're absolutely right. It cannot be left for the last minute. The writing, the worldsetting, everything... It all impacts how t
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