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    There had better be... The level I'm making is kind of based on mages...
  2. The GRAMMAR NAZIS are watching your posts. Sorry, I found an excuse to finally call someone else a grammar nazi and had to take it:)
  3. All my maps are going to have some amount of magic; one plan for a map I have will involve a whole lot of magical lightsources, and sunlight shining in from above into an otherwise dark pit. Also, lava is a possible underground light source. I'm unsure how much light molten lava gives off IRL, but oh well. It can look cool. I doubt I'll be having magical mushrooms, though.
  4. I'm thinking of making a short campaign... Gandalf warned us not to meddle in the affairs of wizards. Garrett, apparently, never read The Lord of the Rings. Will we be able to connect our own missions in any way? Levels could be travelled foward or backward in D3, so I'm guessing so...
  5. I think Thief, Baldur's Gate, Half-Life 1, and some Quake has my brain locked into a state that leaves me dissatisfied with so many games... Red Faction, Neverwinter Nights, Icewind Dale, Diablo II, Guild Wars, Dungeon Siege, Thief III, Doom III... They just weren't FUN. How can I put Quake I above Doom III in my "Favorite games" list? There were as many polygons in a level of Quake 1 to make up the leg of a creature in Doom III. I've got the feeling that I like the simplicity of some games. My imagination can fill in so many gaps, and I like the way I fill in the gaps better than the way f
  6. I'd say go classless... If someone happens to be a good shot w/bow and clever trapsetter, let them be the team's assassin. If someone is good a picking locks (if it took any skill, that is), they'll be the lockpicker. But there'd have to be some way of preventing it from being "deathmatch in darkness w/ AI annoyances". Why bother do the hard stuff when you can simply kill the other team once they've done the work? While it'd be clever and such, it would really piss the other team off and not just a "Shoot, I lost" way. Just look how mad people get when someone dies in their own base in TFC,
  7. Is the mapper going to have any control over which floors make what kind of step noise it makes? I.E. a wallpapered wall (wooden noise) used as a carpeted floor. Mosaic floor (loud tile) used as a quieter stone floor. Etc.
  8. I don't really think a mission should really REQUIRE any resources... I think just about every T:TDP mission you could get through without using any store bought items. Only exceptions I can think of being Return to Haunted Cathedral and Maw of Chaos on impossible. So, players should be able to waste all sorts of things at the start, but they should hope they don't mind going the rest of the way empty handed...
  9. Saving; It is strangely... addicting. I once tried to play every level in thief without saving. (Allowing myself to restart the level, of course.) I managed it for one or two levels... every other time I found myself hitting the quicksave key almost subconciously. Though, it isn't too difficult to try and go without reloading. Try it - it is fun to go through a level without reloading. A little more excitement when you get caught. A little more clever gameplay. Ohhh my, anyone ever play MUD's? This is what my average command line looks like... n n e s save look save save (Yes, thats two sa
  10. Will it be possible for us mappers to take away his hammers? I look at the prelate and think "mage". I need mages and other magic using people for my map... Also, would it be possible to turn any character model into a "ghost"? Just a see through version of itself? I'm still new to Doom editing, and don't really know the capabilities of the engine and whatnot... I just really want to use that guy as a mage
  11. Whats the dude in the brown robes and bronze breastplate? He's my favorite. Those models rule, btw.
  12. I see what you're saying. Though, I still have no problem with it, I see where many would. But, I think creaky boards could still be put in without being too random and frustrating. It would be no fun to go at a snails pace through a map to avoid making noise that may or may not happen. This is where I said last time in different words, "So just go faster, chance the noise. If you make some and get spotted, run and enjoy the chase. Enjoy the challenge of rethinking your plans whilst escaping the ruins of your last one alive. I would. Of course, having to do this 20 times in one mission woul
  13. I still wonder if everyone is understanding me correctly... I'm not saying make every wooden floor in the game creaky. Yes... you can also know that once they walk a certain distance away, it should be safe to try out the noisy floor. If its not noisy, all the better. If it is, then we know not to cross that floor when someone is near. You don't have warning to plan around if a guard decides to randomly turn around either. Though, seeing as how most AI's simply do the same thing over and over again, theres a lot of randomness gone if you've watched them for a long time. (Kind of take
  14. I still fail to see a problem or hindrance to gameplay. How the risk of running behind a guard and knowing theres the chance of him turning to look any different from the risk of running behind the guard and knowing the floor could creak? Both lend the same results. Theres two ways the mapper can use this: Have a guard check behind him in well lit rooms, where he would see a thief who's trying to sneak by. Or, if its a dark room, let the guard simply listen for the thief. In the bright room, you can decide: Take a chance of being caught by sneaking behind the guard, or find another way aro
  15. You can't have the best of luck in every mission. If you have no idea how much sound you will make when you try to sneak behind a guard, why would you sneak behind him? The mapmaker needs to be aware of this, too. Its sort of frustrating when you are forced to go through place where you can't predict your own noise level. I.E. You see your target at the end of a large room. The floor is a wooden floor. Creaky or not, you don't know yet. You also see a balcony above, made of solid stone. You could be impatient and run across the boards, chancing the creaky noise, or find a way up to the balco
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