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  1. I closed the grid window now i cant open it. it doesnt reopen when the program restarts. have not found a way to get my grid back. ive also reinstalled DR several times?
  2. i had Major FPS lose when my map started to grow. after visportaling it really picked up nicely. ive been constantly working on raising my fps. its a very good idea to vis portal your map as you go so you dont have to spend alot of time back tracking threw it. can be a pritty time consuming process to achive great stability. also lights really lag down the game. rendering to manny lights is very hard on the performance. visportal every room with a light, hall ways, exc. good luck with the map
  3. It does look fairly good, and the best person to map is the person that wants to learn how to do it and actualy enjoy's it. some times i cant wait to come home from work at 10:30pm and jump on cause i thought of an idea that i think is amazing. some times i spend two hours working on the same part of the map. i hope you follow me on this, dont want to confuse but Lets say theres the Big Picture and the Little Picture. The big picture here is your church and all of your basic's. the little picture is the small details. heres a example.. http://img399.imageshack.us/img399/4283/towerdownvg5.jpg in this picture you have a huge set of stairs. and each 13 or so stairs falls on to a square brush. but the stairs dont line up with that brush they are just falling on to the brush making that square peace and the stairs not flow well togeather, i see the big picture or what your trying to do here. and its great. but the little picture cant be there with out the big one. if you spent some time on thos stairs and made them flow and look like they rap around the massive cylender better and nicer then that is Better detail. that is the little picture. another is the basement. its huge. thin width and tall higheth support beams along the top of the cyeling. but that really would just add more weight and cause it to callaps. the fell of realness is detail. a base ment that big should be separated in to a few sections or maybe where the builder priest's quarters are and storage, exc. but there needs to be some tall support beams down there to hold that up and make something that huge feel real a rich with detail. Trust me, It can get frusterating mapping. exspecialy if your new to the editor. there is some great info floating around the forums. also this is being built out of Doom3 editor and radiant. Doom3 editing help can be just as helpful as our own for just the basics, brush work, patch work. entitys, and so on. its very simaler if your just building a building. and there are some great video's on D3 editing that can be of awsome help to someone new to D3. i learn new things everyday. i get frusterated but i never give up. i hate haveing to ask for help from these guys hear cause i know they have alot already going on. some times ill spend a hour, 2 hours. maybe a night on the same room.. i want my stuff to seem as real as it can get and as dark and middle evil, or as nice and pritty as i can get it. flow plays a big part to. everything has to flow!! you cant have a builder patroling down one hall and the city watch patroling down the next in the builder cathedral. just doesnt flow right. same with mapping. this map is showing potential and even more so you as a newbe to D3 are showing great potention. this map looks nice but as horrizon seid its hard to make out the good detail in such large area's. maybe something smaller and more detailed is what is needed. it could be a midevil ice cream shop... as long as there is great detail there there is great mapping there i see masive areas. the best advice i could give is start something else. smaller. maybe a mansion. not to big, just to test your self on, its closer courters which means detail is easier to notice with out entitys and models. ive abandond so many projects that i got complements on. i still have a massive mansion built that i havent opened in TDM mostly cause i never payed attention to detail, i just made a mansion. its hard to stop work on something and start over but i decided to when i came aboard and i was bumbed but that map wouldnt have made the kind of impresion that i wanted it to. if you need help at all send me a PM on the forums or post a thread and ill do my best to help you. rate now im the newest BM and im just working on learning everything i can and seting the bar for my self really high so no matter what i deliver, it doesnt disapoint. my map may not be as nice as someone else's, or maybe it is.. or maybe i have less detail but my map design is nicer... as long as you put your heart in to it and dont say thats good enough till your really amazed you will supprise your self. Give a smaller building a crack, use thiefs den and i have already started some threads about lighting, where to find things like tourch's, how to set it up to work, adding no shadows. there is some good info on TD editing out in the I want to help section. give it a read threw, and let us no if you need some help and dont be afraid to ask. also check out the stick about DOOM3 editing walk threws. i made it a year or so ago and its still stickyd cause it really is a awsome place to start learning the cool little tricks. BTW sorry for typos, I type to fast to correct my self sometimes. i usually try and edit it when i have time if there is alot miss typed. i hope i was some help.
  4. looks really good. and for it being made with just D3 Textures originaly its like opening up new doors with the new Screens of the same map. he's done some good work there. and hes showing great inishative to try and impress
  5. hey, nice update. sounds like almost everything i mentioned is actualy on the road map. i like it. other then what i mentioned its going to take alot of playing to find more things that might bug players cause everything seems to be working very good. also of course his post wasnt negative, even if it was i would never handle a situation in a negative way. chances are while i was reading it it would apear as a calm informing voice in my head. i understand what its like to see the same post about the same things over and over on the forums, or posubley a thread about some things already being discoused or have been. thanks for pointing me in the right direction for some info tels. lots of good stuff.
  6. Im definitly not put off. didnt view it in a bad way. im just a beta mapper and i realize that i hold a small role in all of this but still a role. just try to give some positive input on things. the point of my thread was really to center around Saint Lucia cause ive been reading alot about it. and so far so good. just bring up somelittle things to make sure they dont get left out. the better it is the more people will download it. if someone says yea i played saint lucia demo. it was ok. then that really isnt the affect we are trying to make. people got to love it and cant wait for more. thats the affect that needs to be made. visualy and game play wise. but ither way im sure you guys are on top of it. how soon can we see some good updates come to the SVN?
  7. Since im new and im a beta mapper i dont know if this is really my place to talk but there are a few things that i see that might be able to be improved. first Saint Lucia should be the main focus at this point. geting everything to work properly and look great So we can get this Beta demo to the players and build some more hype for the upcoming release. a few problems i noticed could maybe be in Bug thread but decided this would be a good place for them. first off the map looks Amazing. definitly a work of art here. im sure this Beta demo will impress just about every thief fan out there. great design all around. im sure there are some things the auther wants to do before release but as it stands i think it is in prim condition. 1st on my posibile upgrade for release list is the problem with the enemy not holding any weapons and still beating you with an invisible stick. kind of strange to see LOL. I thought of a couple posibilitys for this. thief 1/2 the builders carryed there hammers and never put them on there back. which to me is more realistic. the hammers they carry have no straps. and there is no scabard they fit in to. One of the fetures of thief 3 i lived with was the fact that the builders hammer just magicly stayed on his back lol. maybe we can make it so the builder doesnt put his hammer away, he carrys it just like in the old eidos thief 1/2. as for city watch and guards that carry swords i think that a scabard is more realistic. so to me it depends on the weapon and what seems more realistic. and it could fix the problem with they gaurd of anytype not actualy hold his weapon while attacking you. 2nd While useing the sword you can not click and hold for a more powerfull attack, i know thief 3 did not incorperat this feature but they had a dager. not only do i belive it adds a better feel being able to prepare your attack with the sword but being able to do a more powerfull attack definitly makes the player feel like he/she has control over the kind of attack they are laying down. 3rd AI.. Ai seems to be functioning as it should at this stage of TDM but one thing i find strange is just how Bad ass they are. there like Rambo AI. watch out Selvester is coming lol. only kidding. but i slashed a gard like 5 - 6 times and he still took me down. the difficulty should be up a little higher and the gaurds should react more and search for you. but there health shouldnt be to much to where if you have to fight one your pritty much screwed unless you can go the rest of the level with out taking any damage. also there attacks should be slowed down a little bit. rate when they see you its like 1 second and they have hit you. they should say something like bye the builder lol. but that would be stealing then they should swing back then forword in the matter of like 1 1/2 - 2 seconds. make it seem like there really going to kick your a$$ with a big hit. and i tryed to out run a builder lol. i made it like 40 feet but he was hiting me the whole time so maybe there run speed needs to be slightly changed. they are holding big iron hammers and gear so they cant be that fast realisicly speaking. 4. Posible bug but when trying to knock out a Builder he just starts looking for me. tryed several times but never had any succes. 5. this one goes out to thos tallented guys makeing all the amazing models. they builders hammers seem to need a little work. its just a model, it can function the same way if it looks good of bad, but as for swords and bows exc everything looks VERY amazing. but the builders hammers seem slightly dull. im going to try and create a model of a nice looking hammer they can carry. a longer Shaft ( yea i seid shaft ). thin dark iron and they Handle is leather rapped and bumps out in the middle of the handle and a cool looking hammer head. im sure you all remember the old thief days when the hammers would point there hammer at you then swing it over there head real intense like as if they where going to bust your skull ( It was awsome ). let see if we can bring that kind of intesity to fighting the builders cause guards fighting with bow's and swords are all similer. hammers always stood out cause they had uniqe fighting styles cause of there diffrent weapons. these are just some suggestions/observations. at the stage we are at i think TDM is at a amzing point. a head of schedule. these are just some posible alterations and future upgrades. let me know what you think. btw Map screens coming soon.
  8. Hey everyone, you all know me from the forms as slash. my real name is actualy sean but thats private lol. ive been around for quite a while here and am excited to be part of the team. thanks for voting me in!! tty guys in bit
  9. ive been posting pic's around for a while now and geting a good handle on the editor. and i dont think im going anywhere. id love to be part of the team and have some maps ready to go by the time release rolls around. let me know. it would be great to make some achievments!
  10. came across a problem with My work on learning to make doors. adding the handels. i create my door from a brush and apply a texture. now i want to add a working handle. selected your handle entity and follow the directions on the wiki. does not let me conect the two entitys. since i created my door it became and entity. why can i not add a handle.
  11. I know i havent payed much attention to the textures. just basic textures. its actually just something i started working on earlyer today. but so far i like it. got the ambient light going. expanding detail and size. also working textures now. ill post more pics soon. im also very limited to my entitys and textures. id love to get my hands on some of thos amazing things i see in the screens on the main page. i envy thos pictures.
  12. How can i turn off shadow casting?? ill look around for but thx for the Update on tourch lights they are a bit intense and i was going to ask about that. ill take a good look at thos links. thanks for the feed back.
  13. A small update on my current work/testing. ive started another map. smaller in size but concentrating more on detail and im going to see how its going to turn out. of corse progress is slow but in the long run it might be better for the map. started adding a few entitys in to the map. just for fun. to get the feel. i do get errors when creating a new entity and have to save and restart the editor to add more entitys... a strange error. i am useing D3 edit not radiant. also a few questions for the team members. One is where i place a flame its a nice lit area but then everything is BLACK. if there is no torch its completly black. can a set a ambiant light to my map to just make the dark corners slightly visable but not lit? also i use to know how to do this but no longer can i make a door that swings open. and that only opens and closes when you tell it to. i can make a sliding door that opens and then shuts. depending if your near it. id love some help in this area cause my memorie is a little washed on this topic. but check out a few sneek picks at my second map at early stages.
  14. NM Got it goin. its Great!!!!! just a quick question. i have the tourch flames working. where is the tourch its self?? the metal peace that conects to the wall? yea know lol. but other then that i think i can make a darn good thief map now.
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