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  1. I closed the grid window now i cant open it. it doesnt reopen when the program restarts. have not found a way to get my grid back. ive also reinstalled DR several times?
  2. i had Major FPS lose when my map started to grow. after visportaling it really picked up nicely. ive been constantly working on raising my fps. its a very good idea to vis portal your map as you go so you dont have to spend alot of time back tracking threw it. can be a pritty time consuming process to achive great stability. also lights really lag down the game. rendering to manny lights is very hard on the performance. visportal every room with a light, hall ways, exc. good luck with the map
  3. It does look fairly good, and the best person to map is the person that wants to learn how to do it and actualy enjoy's it. some times i cant wait to come home from work at 10:30pm and jump on cause i thought of an idea that i think is amazing. some times i spend two hours working on the same part of the map. i hope you follow me on this, dont want to confuse but Lets say theres the Big Picture and the Little Picture. The big picture here is your church and all of your basic's. the little picture is the small details. heres a example.. http://img399.imageshack.us/img399/4283/towerdownvg5.jpg
  4. looks really good. and for it being made with just D3 Textures originaly its like opening up new doors with the new Screens of the same map. he's done some good work there. and hes showing great inishative to try and impress
  5. hey, nice update. sounds like almost everything i mentioned is actualy on the road map. i like it. other then what i mentioned its going to take alot of playing to find more things that might bug players cause everything seems to be working very good. also of course his post wasnt negative, even if it was i would never handle a situation in a negative way. chances are while i was reading it it would apear as a calm informing voice in my head. i understand what its like to see the same post about the same things over and over on the forums, or posubley a thread about some things already bein
  6. Im definitly not put off. didnt view it in a bad way. im just a beta mapper and i realize that i hold a small role in all of this but still a role. just try to give some positive input on things. the point of my thread was really to center around Saint Lucia cause ive been reading alot about it. and so far so good. just bring up somelittle things to make sure they dont get left out. the better it is the more people will download it. if someone says yea i played saint lucia demo. it was ok. then that really isnt the affect we are trying to make. people got to love it and cant wait for more. tha
  7. Since im new and im a beta mapper i dont know if this is really my place to talk but there are a few things that i see that might be able to be improved. first Saint Lucia should be the main focus at this point. geting everything to work properly and look great So we can get this Beta demo to the players and build some more hype for the upcoming release. a few problems i noticed could maybe be in Bug thread but decided this would be a good place for them. first off the map looks Amazing. definitly a work of art here. im sure this Beta demo will impress just about every thief fan out there.
  8. Hey everyone, you all know me from the forms as slash. my real name is actualy sean but thats private lol. ive been around for quite a while here and am excited to be part of the team. thanks for voting me in!! tty guys in bit
  9. ive been posting pic's around for a while now and geting a good handle on the editor. and i dont think im going anywhere. id love to be part of the team and have some maps ready to go by the time release rolls around. let me know. it would be great to make some achievments!
  10. came across a problem with My work on learning to make doors. adding the handels. i create my door from a brush and apply a texture. now i want to add a working handle. selected your handle entity and follow the directions on the wiki. does not let me conect the two entitys. since i created my door it became and entity. why can i not add a handle.
  11. I know i havent payed much attention to the textures. just basic textures. its actually just something i started working on earlyer today. but so far i like it. got the ambient light going. expanding detail and size. also working textures now. ill post more pics soon. im also very limited to my entitys and textures. id love to get my hands on some of thos amazing things i see in the screens on the main page. i envy thos pictures.
  12. How can i turn off shadow casting?? ill look around for but thx for the Update on tourch lights they are a bit intense and i was going to ask about that. ill take a good look at thos links. thanks for the feed back.
  13. A small update on my current work/testing. ive started another map. smaller in size but concentrating more on detail and im going to see how its going to turn out. of corse progress is slow but in the long run it might be better for the map. started adding a few entitys in to the map. just for fun. to get the feel. i do get errors when creating a new entity and have to save and restart the editor to add more entitys... a strange error. i am useing D3 edit not radiant. also a few questions for the team members. One is where i place a flame its a nice lit area but then everything is BLACK. if
  14. NM Got it goin. its Great!!!!! just a quick question. i have the tourch flames working. where is the tourch its self?? the metal peace that conects to the wall? yea know lol. but other then that i think i can make a darn good thief map now.
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