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  1. I completely forgot about Google Drive. 15 GB of storage? I'll definitely consider that.
  2. If someone on the TDM team uses Skype, my username is autistic_lucario. I'd rather send it through Skype than say Dropbox or Mediafire. I don't really know how to send files through FTP either and with E-mail, there is a limit on how many MB of things I can attach to each e-mail. I've been working on some ambient tracks and I have one ready for TDM. Also, I apologize for my long absence; I've been going through some challenges IRL.
  3. Where should I send the finished sounds?
  4. Sure Here's an example of my work: http://audiojungle.net/user/Blinn?ref=Blinn <---- The only way you can use these sounds is if you buy them, and sharing them for free would violate the site's TOS. But I can make more of them. <----- Here's a little portfolio to demonstrate some of my ambient tracks. <---- Some of my magic sound effects. What do you need for Dark Mod?
  5. Hey there, Dark Team. I'm Ryan Smith. A guy named Bikerdude referred me to this website to help out with sound effects. I'm really good with ambient/magic/synth sounds, so if anyone can give me a list of the sounds needed, I'd be glad to help out. Best of luck!
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