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  1. Thank you so much, Springheel! It certainly does seem to be a case of a missing sound file reference, and the game having a default tone to play instead, and although I can see it being a useful development tool, sure was driving me batty! The link to the forum post that Destined found (again, very helpful, thank you!) actually didn't have the correct text of the line to change in darkmod.cfg to fix the issue (unless it changed in some revision). The link reported: The beep plays on missing sound files if s_playDefaultFile cvar is 1. ...but in reality, the line in darkmod.cfg to change
  2. I'd especially be interested in hearing more detailed instructions from Dead Rat, as he seems to have had the exact same problem and successfully solved it. I just wasn't able to follow the instructions, I think I need a little more detail. I know what the name of the light is that makes the sound, but don't know how to find that in the Sound Editor screen. The instructions mentioned something about left-clicking on the light in the game window, but most times I try that, the game just freezes when I try to get close to the yellow box and then just left click.
  3. Well, I was thinking that may be the case, as when I'm in that editSounds screen, a lot of the entries under it play a tone that sounds a lot like the constant tone emitted from the troublesome lights. I'm attaching a picture of the screenshot of one of the many lights in "Lords & Legacy" that emits the tone, and also a link to a video capture of me in the Sound Editor, clicking on the various sounds in the one section that play the tone. You can also hear the constant tone of the lights/biground1_streetlamp_4fold_snd lamp in the background, underneath my clicking the sections, as the
  4. Hate to be a pest, but I'm still having the issue with the sounds...afraid I don't have any experience with the editors in Dark Mod. I have used editSounds and noclip to find the source of one of the sounds in the latest mission I'd like to play, "Lords and Legacy", and the yellow box identifies the light as: lights/biground1_streetlamp_4fold_snd I can't seem to find in the sound editor dialogue where that entry is...any help? To take the issue back to the source, am I right in thinking that the reason I hear the tones for certain lights in the game is that the sound files are missing f
  5. Hello, everyone! I've done some searches in the forums, and looked in the troubleshooting on the wiki, but there's a problem that's been in Dark Mod for the past version or two that's now prevalent enough for me to log in and report. Not sure if it's an issue with the Dark Mod itself or just one model of light that someone developed and is using in more and more missions, but it's driving me nuts. In several missions, electric lights are used and the tone the game has them emanate...well, I'm supposing it's supposed to be a soft hum, but instead it's a piercingly loud sine wave kind of t
  6. Thank you all for your help! I got it working! First, to Xarg: maybe I should have been clearer in my first post, but I did have sound OK to start with. It's just that the sound died when it went back to the main menu. Oh, and another thing I noticed: from previous experience, I did notice that the mission loaded *insanely* fast, and...I just thought it was the new rig. Like, in just a few seconds. Once I tried Springheel's advice, and simply turned EAX off, the mission was loading more in the range of 30 seconds or so, and I was like, "I have a good feeling about this...!" And s
  7. Hi there, all! I've been enjoying The Dark Mod for years now, and finally got myself a brand spanking new computer system, pretty high end stuff. I had been using Windows 8 on the last rig and I had gotten TDM to run, but now I'm having problems. I've done the usual things, of running it as administrator and making sure it has write access to the directory, but whenever I try to play a mission, like St. Lucia, it goes through the intro, lets me pick equipment, starts to load and shows progress, then just drops me back to the main menu -- with no sound. I've got a geForce 780 Ti video card
  8. Well, this has been an interesting discussion, back to work, etc. yes. But...I will say, I am going to do my best not to re-neg on my promise to make a level in Mr. Russell's honor and "pay back the project in time." In much the same way that "Fifty Shades" was set in the Twilight universe with copypasta to avoid copyright infringement, I am going to try and develop a level entitled "For Old Time's Sake" and have it be a denouement to the series. I was thinking at work today of a story with references to Thief II's opening mission: It's after the fall of everything, and you've done your b
  9. Wow, it hasn't even been a full day, and these are just awesome responses, especially from key players...I'm actually kind of overwhelmed! Great constructive responses too. To address a few...obviously it wouldn't be Garrett, just like The Dark Mod is not Thief 4 and tries to be "[eerily similar], but [...] legally distinct" (as Futurama put it once) from the Thief universe. And I won't go into Thi4f bashing, but I do have quite a few negative opinions about the new one, and my impulse in my original message was just as much a "fuck you" to Eidos as it was standing up for the iconic voice o
  10. Okay, I'm not much of a forum poster. Heck, I run a few, and I hardly post! But I do feel guilty that I haven't posted to thank everyone for all their hard work on The Dark Mod. I loved playing all the current content, and...let's just say I already liked it a ton, but fell in love with it when I first saw a guard relight a torch. Damn. But to keep this post on topic, I read something very disturbing in The Escapist yesterday: http://www.escapistm...Actor-For-Thief Not only is the new Thief game looking like some kind of alternate universe reboot that just takes elements from the o
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