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  1. I made the frame so it was more like Fidcal's picture than a frame without smaller boards in it would be.


    This discussion has come up before but here's the basic jist of why the model doors will never be set up with a corner hinge:


    1-It's a game. Really, there are a million and one things like this we could do to make it all more 'realistic', there's not time and it adds other complications.

    2-Player... only the pickiest players will ever notice or complain. Probably almost every game made is like this. Authors however tend to be pickier. We see these little things because we are trying to make the best possible maps, etc... My point would be to look at developer games. You'll see misaligned textures, floating objects, etc.. everywhere in the 'best' games. It comes down to time.

    3-Other complications. If a hinge is at a corner it only swings one way. The author can't change that so now we need twice as many door models/entities so you can place the correct model/rotation per door. Mapping time/complication...

    Also, then we need to make the ai aware of which way that door swings so they can have an animation for each side (a player is MUCH more likely to notice this). Now they can stand back and pull a door from one side, or they can push as they walk through it from the other...

    ^addition scripting, bug testing, animations... For something the player really doesn't notice as it is now. And that just grows, what is the next thing that is a tiny little issue that we can tweak... do we need new models, scripting, animations for it too?


    Time for a new engine, let's port TDM...

  2. They won't cut up terrain:

    Good- fewer tris. Though the engine can push a lot of tris.

    Bad- they DON'T cut up tris.


    example, you have a really huge wall. All the details are func_statics so the wall is just 2 tris. Sounds good right? Well, imagine you have 4 lights outside that all hit one or both of these tris. Then you have 4 lights inside that extend through the wall and also touch these 2 tris. That's 8 lights and that is going to hit your performance.

    Would be better to leave some details that touch the wall as worldspwan so the wall is cut up into more tris.

    Now the wall and details make up 60 tris, but they are small so no more than 3 lights ever hit any tris. Will perform better.


    Also, func_statics DO cut up tris. They cut up touching brushes within their func_static. and unlike worldspawn those tris don't get culled. So if possible it's best to do that work on your own and caulk hidden faces.

    And I know some people will argue that it's only a few tris and you don't need to caulk them, but the detail of one building could have 50-300 tris, and they are all being hit by lights. They are effecting performance in some way even if minimal (much less so if the f_s is noshadows 1). It really is best to caulk unseen faces.

    You can also split func_statics into two. say you have a grid of beams. Make all the horizontal beams one func_static, all the vertical another. that way they don't slice each other up and triple the tri count on themselves.


    They will leak, but a simple caulk brush behind them can seal.


    Spanning portals can be bad or good. Also spanning caulk. You can make visportals smaller by running a caulk wall through an angled roof (so it's straight up from the building side). Then make the roof a func_statics and the caulk wall running through it won't cut up the roof and leave a weird hole.



    But you're right, when combining them you can have quite a few brushes into one f_s instead of having a bunch of f_s's.


    Player can walk on them, ai can't.

  3. My thoughts exactely. They look like an actually living city.


    The following shot is from the map I am building for the alternative gameplay contest. Where the wooden structure in the middle plays an important role...



    Virgin sacrifice?


    I don't mind the size of those beams, they look realistic for timbers in a place like that. And moreso because you have a variety of smaller boards on the platform below so it has a nice sense on scale based on construction.

  4. So many cool shots. :)

    Am I the only one who doesn't like the standard lights? They're to saturated (red/yellow) and make everything look the same.


    Well, I changed my 'new fancy lights' (actually my old lights from Thief II but they are newer looking than the other TDM lights) to more of a blueish white hue for this very reason (for the 1.08 update). One was renamed light_blue but the others aren't named that ... but that's a long story lol. (and the globe lights)


    Basically we can make more entities and make skins for a whiter glass, and make them a whiter light, but we ca'nt change even one lamp that has only been used twice because it will 'break' maps and completely destroy and devastate some authors artistic integrity.


    But I like having (even if they are a bit saturated) more yellowy /orange colors on the older dirtier looking lights and more white/blue on newer stuff (at least electrical), it somewhat separates poor and rich areas and gives them a different ambieance.


    You should be able to add _color prop to any light entities and easily desaturate them a bit for your personal taste though.

  5. looks awesome Moonbo,


    hard call. find out what the dmap issue is first.


    And how would the map be split? Does it make sense where you'd split it? Or can it? Might be best at the church door... ie: first half of map is getting to church, if that involves the church grounds then when they frob the door it ends and the new map starts inside. Not as good as seamless but not too bad. Would be better then being inside the church and having a load zone. At least it would be a distinct border.



    Now my screenie feels meager but i got an alley way detailed tonight (along with a few other minor things) (not done yet, the blue and yellow building are still pretty much cubes.)


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  6. It's the origin points that matter they need to be within the map, not outside it. For lights the center should be in the map anyways.


    For Func_statics you have 2 choices. Make a nearby brush that is isnide the map a func_static and with it selected select the func_static that's origin is outside the map, then right click > merge entities. This will make them one but it will have the origin point of the first selected f_s (which was a bursh inside the world).


    Or select the f_s and hit v, you can't move any verts around but you can drag the origin point into the map.

  7. Lets revive this thread...


    I watched a new movie out on dvd last night called Branded, though I don't think it's a movie I'll want to see again it was an amazing take on corporate branding of everything in our lives. I am so sick and tired of capitalism and corporate takeover of everything... But I live in the US, maybe outside the US it hasn't because as bad. Anyway, this movie really is brilliant imo.


    Currently watching Stingray Sam, a space musical from 2009 on hulu. Cracking me up, Super cheesy horrible photoshop pics during a voice over explaining the goings on. I can't believe Les Claypool isn't in the credits, I can see Primus fans liking it. It has quite a bit of 'anti-commercialism' in it too ironically.

    One planets economy was based on building rockets, then production was moved to a cheaper planet (because people were desperate for work) so the first planet became crime ridden at which time the old factories were turned into prisons and the former workers were now prison slave labor making rockets again...

    Imagine a space cowboy lounge singer straight out of Monty Pythons Holy Grail.

  8. Now working: Graduated volume increase when opening a door, and graduated volume decrease when closing a door.


    Nice, I don't know if this can be tied in in anyway shape or form but I suppose there could be shared code...


    Has to do with textures in 1.08. Discussed it with Tels a bit but that's as far as it went i believe. is probably a bug tracker for it.

    basically i made some new window skins, yellow lit for outside and blue moonlit for inside. they open like doors, but it's very weird to have the glass still lit like that when open. The point was to have the glass texture fade to a neutral unlit white texture when fully open.


    Do you think that's something you can get working? it would be great for opaque windows. even with the sound fix there are going to be times when transparent windows just aren't plausible for performance reasons.

  9. I think the thing with combat difficulty slider is that people who play Thief aren't used to it.


    In fact I'm not sure I've ever touched mine.


    Auto-parry and the lock pick sliders are good and should stay as is. I like hard lock pick (as it's really not that hard to pick anyway), it gives a little more tension than autopick. I also like to choose whether or not I can parry on my own.


    I do think however ai difficulty should be simple. Easy would be ai that go down easier, hardest would be ai that go down harder. I don't think dividing that up into 5 different selections is really necessary at all. Easy ai should be easier to out run /kill/ whatever.


    Really more difficult ai would just be tougher and more skilled. More health and faster attack. It's a pretty simple equation.


    It's great being able to customize to suit your needs but it doesn't need to be complicated.

  10. I think trim pieces would be better than adding faces and using caulk walls. Then the author can choose wall textures/scales as they wish. You can always make skins but there are so many to make (of course there could be 'universal skins' : ie have a base wood on the face and have every wood listed. But if someone adds a new wood texture to the game there's a good chance it will never get added to the skin, same with models, they all need listed to show up as matching in DR).


    And with skins you can't change scale, easily apply decals and whatnot.


    There's also the entity limits, and entities are needed for ai, triggers, lights, sounds... So using a lot of world spawn is a good thing. (ie prefabs).


    Anyone can contribute prefabs, but I think we still need a good repository/database that people can upload to.

  11. I guess it would be nice to have a separate entity (not a loc. sep.) to handle this. But would also be nice to have the function on location separators. Some authors may not want to use zones (though it's a pretty nice system). But if they are using zones it would be nice to just include it in the existing entities.

  12. Well Obsttorte,

    Mapper can create entire buildings and save as prefabs. I pulled the start room building out of Rift for my new map, and have 3 prefab faux buildings in it too. That saved me several hours of work.

    The ship works alright since it's not that large. But it's actually a really bad practice (using gigantic entire building models for enterable buildings) as you can never visportal the building itself off maybe if broken into chunks... Just better to have world spawn walls and model/func_static parts here and there.

    I actually got about halfway through breaking the ship down into pieces so the entire thing wouldn't render all at once all the time. Such a pain in the butt though, never finished/don't want too.
  13. lol, very nice.


    Yep S&R is very handy. it's really not that hard to do (for simple things, this thing has a lot of steps), you (i would) just need to have a notepad to keep track of everything:


    1: Stove has 'Heat' Source if on, 'Cold' source if off (making up source names)

    2: Bowl (and metal nuggets) has receptron for Heat and Cold. If Heat change bowl entity to hot bowl (which has a Cold receptron to turn it back to cold bowl), if Cold send message to GUI

    3: ...hot bowl and metal probably have 'Molten' source/rec. If molten delete objects and replace with steaming hot bowl entity. Steaming hot bowl entity has receptrons for cold and 'Alchemy' source. If cold send to GUI... If Alcehemy (on other nugget) smelt into 'Mixed Bowl' entity...


    Well, that's my guess on the mixing metal part of it, key and clay is basically the same.


    Funny thing is, since we have S&R like Dromed we could probably use the vast variety of tuts that were written for Dromed :D


    My 'Drop Coins here' demo is one.


  14. Koth_Sandvich : Team Fortress 2 : Me.

    Lol, is definitely my most popular TF2 map. Which is a bit painful, it only took me 2 days and I spent months on other maps. This is one of several videos...




    Sn_impressionist: Team Fortress 2

    I had this idea that a sniper map (a sub category of maps in tf2 that is usually just a horrible spam fest of snipers) would actually be cool if it was well made and more like a real environment (as opposed to 2 balconies facing each other so whoever got out of spawn first was certain to win) would be a nice challenge.


    Turned out most 'snipers' don't want a challenge, they want quick easy kills.


    Unfortunately the one video I can find is from a server I played on a lot where one guy figured out an exploit.




    ah.. that's all I can find or can remember.. where's yours?

  15. Calendra's Legacy: Thief II : again not my work but ... (By Purah, again Dishounored fame :D )

    At about 1:56 the demon wings i made for the succubus, also the first map to feature my skully bros custom skeleton mesh.




    Trainspotting (seems germans really like Thief and You tube :) )

    Was a Komag contest map, got 3rd for best use of space



  16. After looking at an old TTLG post and seeing a video of a map I never thought I'd see a video of I realized people will posy ANYTHING online.


    So it got me curious to see if anyone had posted vids of my old Thief II maps. Which got me thinking, it would be cool to see videos of any work anyone here has done.


    How would i know if you made a certain Quake map or whatnot... So post 'em here. If you can find any video of ANY game stuff you've done, here's the place.


    Why not post your TDM work here too.



    Crom's Blade : Thief II : Schwaa (aka me)




    Cosas : Thief II : well, not MY map, but our friend FenPheonix does read my name in the credits right before Digi (eherm... Dishounoured fame :D ), around6:00 you may recognized a certain gold trophy ,model that made it's way into TDM. I did custom meshes for two of the main characters, the opening furniture and several other objects.

    This is part 9, I can't bear to watch the series as I have yet (somewhat ashamed to admit, though technical problems are partly to blame, played it yet)



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