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  1. SOLVED, maybe. I went and shut the doors around the area and found that one knocked out guard was leaning on a locked door. when I moved him away from after unlocking the door all the door sounds and guard sounds came back. What the hey....
  2. OK. It isn't my settings. When restarting mission from begining, everything is working. The twisted up guys are no longer twisted or gittering when I checked on them. They must have unclipped. It seems that just in my saved game movable objects (doors, crates, ect) and AI make no sound. I can hear my items and my steps. deleting the heart subdirrectory and "reinstalling" it did fix it. Something happened along gameplay. I am going to see if I have any rogue objects in the last room I was in when i noticed the change, that might be in a odd place. The last thing I did was crawl out of
  3. A very odd thing and unlike other taffer's problems; Near the end of playing heart mission, it seems different sounds at random are missing. The most notable are dropping items on the floor is silent and AI footsteps and voices are missing. They yell and come after me with no sound at all. I believe ambient is working and my steps are too. Oh and doors opening. A lot of sound are working, but some are not. Now I do also have the quick save, quick load issue where the AI I layed out are twisted up and gittering. An ideas is that maybe they are making the sounds mess up. The whole first p
  4. Well shoot, I have told many people the wrong thing then. Now I must undo my story.
  5. What would be cool, since things like plague could be in the universe, is a plague doctor. the model would look mysterious and cool.
  6. Yeah I don't know how to spell it, so google gave me that. LOL
  7. The name fits. Like the looking glass has broken and it's no holds bard. The video is all that I hoped for. The rope arrow actually works well.
  8. It's not rude, but I wish I wasn't late. I will help with art work, email me at gamophyte@hotmail.com if you need to out source a project to me. I can do object textures by them selves but I don't know how to uv map. I would have to send it to you after production. I can also do graphic art for the ingame banners or other items. Sadly no textures for architecture, digital camera sucks to bad. I also do original sfx, like how PBS made the crunching foot steps in snow noise by squeezing flour filled balloons. Also I have synthesizers from FLstudio5 and talents of adobe audition. My folder is ga
  9. It's going to be unique and good on it's own as far as modding. Of course I would like to thief-ize every engine lol. Would be cool to have a accurate square mile of city scape with no loads just in missions appointed by keepers. And the alife will be used for peasants and merchants. Ok I am done, stalker has been in dev for a long time. I am actually waiting for "Alan Wake".
  10. Hello guys, I currently work for The Hammerite Imperium creating ambient music, SFX, voice acting, photoshoping, and coming up some ideas. Lately it's been very slow and have been wanting to seriously support this mod by helping anyway I can [agressivly energetic]. Mainly I have some gameplay ideas and dynamics that will create other styles of gameplay for the player, but while still being stealth based gameplay - a more interesting dark mod. I have many ideas and was wondering if you were open to hearing them. Also if you need any other support, say so. Thanks
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