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  1. Nope. I'm .:MOO:.TheDestroyer|CK|, a JKA clan. I am also a member of The Jedi Academy [.net], also a JKA group. TJA is a major 12-13 thousand people family. Cool eh? for the links, get star wars jedi knight jedi academy, learn to use it, then download http://jediknight2.filefront.com/file/OJPE...me_Manual;80816. With this, and Open Jedi Project Enhanced v0.0.9v you will learn to fight. OJP-E changes saber fighting big time. Swdroids.com is just a good lookin' site w/ nothing on it, its just my major file center. I test forums on it, etc. etc. I'm working on different projects such as a RP kit for STar Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi academy. -TheDestroyer
  2. I've made a little three button script for Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy so I suppose with a project under my belt i'll get another one. I can do configure files, i can package stuff, make installs (if you get lazy i'll make an install for you). I am actually skilled at website stuff, so I could probably design a snazy little online area if you make a java applet so people could see what you've done so far (release the app 2 features older than most up to date to keep peeps watching). but yea, i can help a bit if it doesn't need to be done soon. Contact me via end post e-mail link. hope i can take a bit of a load off your hands, - TheDestroyer
  3. I'm not doing it alone. I'm just making the website, getting the peeps together and telling them what I'd like done... just hope some1 has movie makeing abilities for the credits lol.
  4. I've been trying to make a game, and I saw this. My game is in the planning stage and the screenshots are amazing. When the toolset is released I'd like to use it, but I want to know sumthing. Can I make it into a full 'round RPG without too many problems? I've been trying to find people to help, but everyone is saying: Don't do it, you'll just make yourself look bad. Well I wont. *glares at them*. If I can use this system for an all around RPG, please tell me. Otherwise, delete this post and say nothing.
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