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  1. yeah, I should prob do that - last PM he had asked if I had registered here yet, so I figure it couldn't hurt nothing to do so . . . I can understand that - I'd at least hope I can be of some possible assistance coding, even if it's just menial tasks. I at least still understand how coding is structured and executed - but, y'know how it is when you drop out of the tech field for too long. I wouldn't mind the practice at all, though, as I'll be re-attending classes for programing again for the Spring 08 semester. I'd also be interested in learning modeling if it would help, it will be another skill that I will be learning in school - although I'll be learning with AutoCAD, which I know is much different. Not sure how freetime will be for me as I'm going back to school to finish up my engineering degree - but, the interest is there for me to learn as complicated and complex stuff I can get my hands on. I'll take a look at it this weekend!!
  2. Hey, new here . . . after a quick discussion with NH on TTLG I thought I might be able to help, so . . . Anyhow, I've had experience coding many years ago, but my skills have fallen by the wayside between life and life (just went and pursued after a different career after high school). I'll be honest, the last real coding compiler I worked with was Turbo C++ 3, some experience with Visual BASIC 6 and HTML coding; I've also coded some mods for QUAKE and DukeNukem3D years ago, also. But, as I said, my skills are far and far very out of date, and I'm sure I've forgotten many things here and there . . . But, if there's any way I can be of assistance, I'm more than willing to try and help - I do pick up on stuff quick, so, maybe that will help. If I might not be of any real assistance coding, at the very least I'm entirelly willing to help with mapping; prior experience mapping for DOOM, Hexen, Quake, HexenII, QuakeII, DukeNukem3D - I've been currently learning T3Ed in my spare time over the last 4-5 months. I don't currently have any experience with the Doom3 editor yet, but I'm more than willing to learn if it would help the project any. Sadly, though, I don't have any screenshots or old maps laying around - they were laid to rest with my legacy PC 2 years ago . . . I do have a few screenshots of my current 2 projects in T3Ed if need be. Anything else I might be of service, I'm willing to learn and help out with!
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