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  1. the sarcopogas??? you mean the arc of the covenant?( in the second picture?) nielsen74 over at ttlg did build it in anim8tor and eshaktar did the texturing. I was so pleased (and suprised ) that it turned out that beautifull.
  2. yes fidcal, you were right. the first 2 pics are from the librarian. ( was indeed my first mission) the last two are from the sequel (the spear). I'm still working on that. nearly completed the brushwork, still have to do all the detailing, texturing, obj , lightning, scripting etc, etc... did learn a lot from the librarian: It was too big, too complex. I had some real troubles building pathfinding database ( I ended up with 2 area's where I couldn"t have AI ), couldn't optimise anymore. had some major poly-issuesetc, etc.
  3. hoi, another new face here. did see the darkmod video yesterday. ( via ttlg) I'm impressed did inspire me to give doom/radiant another go. ( and I was so pleased to find fidcall's tut a la Komag ) been fiddling with it for a few hours, did work out fine ( allthough I kept pushing my "dromed"buttons all the time ) ( I think you can guess what's coming next..) I would love to work with the darkmod. ( I don't like the doom textures ( to be honest: I didn't like doom at all )) being a thief-adict from head to toes... I have some experience in 3d editting. I've been a dromedeer for the last few years. I think I might say I know my way in dromed. did "publish" "the Librarian" last year ( and allmost done with the brushwork for the sequel) I think ( and hope) that the darkmod will be the way for the "thief-universe" to go. I sure would love to give it a go... ger
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