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  1. Thank you ! I will change accordingly.
  2. Yes ungrouped and checked properties. Moved the key out and you get the unlock sound but even though the rotate property is set (90 0 0) nothing happens to the lid. It's not obstructed either and the links to each part look OK. If someone has a moment I'd appreciate dropping it into your editor and seeing if it does the same. Most prefabs should work right? I shouldn't need to tinker with them too much to get basic functionality. Finer points yes but a chest should open with it's key ?! thanks
  3. Hi Folks, I'm trying to use the Merry Chest 2 prefab in my mission but cannot get it to open in game. Does anyone know how to fix this ? Many thanks
  4. OK i must be expecting a func_static origin to behave differently. If i draw a brush out, convert to a func_static and then rotate it the origin doesn't move with it and stay locked. It keeps oriented with the grid. I was expecting it to change with the rotation of the func_static all along. Not sure what the solution is in this case but hey ho - thanks everyone for all your help and guidance.
  5. OK i've captured a change in DR and how it turns out in game. One asset is imported as is, the other is rotated 45 degs or so. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BLTQpwVqpKqXHYSRueMDhx_umDvTDPuI/view?usp=sharing I'm not sure if i'm missing something here if others aren't getting that? thanks again.
  6. I'm afraid i'll need to find some free screen recording software. In the meantime i've done two screengrabs which attempt to show the issue. Not too clear though i'm afraid. If anyone could recommend some open source screen recording software for windows i'd appreciate it. thanks.
  7. That's true - the model looks OK. But the tilt angle of the mirror isn't then perpendicular with the rest of the frame. I'll see if i can capture in game.
  8. Thank you - yes i have discovered this but i sometimes forget !
  9. I've tried with DR 2.5.0 pre2 and it makes no difference. Here's a quick video of the issue. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DK7NsMtaJ5UWl9ONQjgmeDmwaJ7cbX5W/view?usp=sharing
  10. I did scale the mirror (tea tray) part. But the others i reverted to worldspawn, changed dimensions then changed back to func_statics and re-applied the parameters. It's strange that Bikerdudes original prefab doesn't work for me?! I'll install the DR 2.5.0 pre2 release tonight and retry. Thanks for helping out guys - getting there ! BTW - here are the prefabs for anyone to try -- https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1rYIHbuSwrpc_db8mo9LUaS1ptu4HkMi3?usp=sharing
  11. Sadly none of those remedy this issue. It is present in the existing prefab furniture>misc>mirror_stand. Can anyone link DR 2.5.0 beta for me to try? thanks
  12. Springheel - I broke that apart just to take the screen grab. Perhaps someone can try importing that prefab (the existing mirror and stand) and see if it does the same. Id be interested if someone running a beta of 2.5.0 DR has a different outcome. Cheers
  13. I did also make a mini version of what B1k3rdude compiled as a prefab. That and his original do the same thing. Maybe it is a DR thing?
  14. I am using DR 2.4.0 x64. They do come in grouped but two out the three components don't rotate properly. And B1k3rdude is another chap i'd like to thank regarding video tutorials. Learnt alot watching them, cheers.
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