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  1. May i add some constructive criticism? You did a really good job creating a mission with a great look, but for your next map you should focus a bit more on a good story and some fun objectives. It's great to have neutral AI in the City. But I felt secure much too soon because there were just not enough guards. So in the end I spent most of the time walking around and searching for the key and the chest. (Make sure not to hide stuff to well, at least give a good hint, really couldn't find the chest without having to look it up in the forum.)
  2. Well, i might be a little late, but i wanted to say i love this mission. Definitely my personal winner (though of course Return to the City is badass as well) and the best Darkmod mission I've played so far. It is full of very creative ideas. Love how you get into the story near the end. The "diary" way of story tellling is really nothing new anymore, but you managed to keep it believable. Keep up the good work. :-)
  3. I cant see any way of getting the fglrx drivers working with ubuntu 9.04. Do you know how to get the drivers compatible with the newer 1.6 xserver? And I think the ATI X1950 is not a very obsolete card. Ubuntu 8.04 has a fucked up sound system, because they failed to integrate the pulseaudio server correctly. So theres no real alternative to windows right now for me. At least the grub installation has some progress. Seems like my ubuntu partition was not registered correctly in the partition map. Strange things happen..
  4. HA! I remember that ATI not supporting my x1950 was the original reason why I had to go through all this. ATI ROCKS! (Ill never buy anything by ati again.)
  5. I would have totally killed myself now.. no, good old xp
  6. So, I tried killing pulseaudio, which resulted in no sound. Then I|ve tried to get the oss drivers working which resulted in a system crash. Now Ive installed windows, but it just didnt want to be installed over any other partition but the one where i had my original ubuntu installed. Okaz.. and now after installing windows i cant get the ubuntu reinstalled and work again because i just cant get the grub loader installed and i get an fatal error durin the ubuntu installation. It seems like windows and ubuntu try reallu hard NOT to be compatible. Sorry, im reallz frustrated. Windows doesn|t even get that i have a german kezboard. >/& I wish i had the monez for a second hard drive.. Now i hope that i get doom3 to run right on windows at least. damn
  7. Has anyone any idea how to get the audio in sync with the video? .. there has to be some way, please, it's hard to lockpick with out-of-sync sound ;-) Anyway, great almost everything works now, i love you guys.
  8. Oh, fudge.. sorry for the wasted time.. I forgot to patch that damned game, now the sound seems to work, except that it seems to lag about 1 sec behind the graphics, if you understand what I'm trying to say :-/ anyway, now i can try to install the Mod :-)
  9. Yes, everything works fine outside doom3. I made some corrections with the pulse audio server (Pulse Audio Fixes), ALSA seems to work now, still doom3 won't play any sound. Maybe this can help: (...)dlopen(libasound.so.2) asoundlib version: 1.0.16 Alsa is available ------ Alsa Sound Initialization ----- snd_pcm_open SND_PCM_STREAM_PLAYBACK 'default' failed: No such file or directory dlclose WARNING: sound subsystem disabled -------------------------------------- ----------- Alsa Shutdown ------------(...) Edit: yes, i have GNOME ;-) question: is ALSA 1.0.16 > 1.0.6? Edit2: sometimes i get another error i dAudioHardwareALSA::Write: 4096 frames overflowed and dropped
  10. So, I installed ubuntu 8.04.. Good news: the graphics work Bad news: now theres no working audio in the game. :-/
  11. Damn :-( Then back to my question: Is it possible to resize my current linux-partition without loosing the data.. otherwise could i install ubuntu 8.04 on the same partition?
  12. I don't think i have any unpartitioned space on my harddisk. Is it possible to resize my current linux-partition without loosing the data, or can i even install ubuntu 8.04 on the same partition? Sorry for the newbie questions, i'm pretty new to ubuntu. :-/ Edit @LeatherMan glxinfo | grep "direct rendering" direct rendering: Yes I think i activated DRI in the xorg.conf, but it's pretty confusing :-D
  13. Hey Guys, has anyone of you any experience with running doom3 on ubuntu 9.04? It runs with about 0.5 FPS on my PC, i remember playing it with windows and it worked fine. I have a ATI Radeon x1950 and I know the open-source (ati doesn't support that card anymore) drivers are not that good, but maybe you can help me anyway. Otherwise i would have to buy a new small hard-drive for a windows installation :-(
  14. But many of the crates and barrels are already moveable. When i take a broom and push it against a barrel the barrel will move or even tilt over. It would just be nice if i could pull and push it without taking a broom, beating it with my blackjack or running against it.
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