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  1. Read my first coment, read your reply, then read my third coment. That SHOULD clear things out.
  2. Yeah, I know, thats what I meant by "I know you can use it as a sort of cheat". I know you wont be able to add this to this mod, but Im just saying that its really good. See Thief: Deadly Shadows for example, in my opinnion it makes a difference.
  3. I think the periscope is a damn good idea. It would look very cool and I cant remember seeing that in a game before. Not to mention that it IS a lot easier to do that the "mirror on a stick" thing. Now, what about selfshadows? I know that once again this is something you can activate as a cheat and that making it work would require an extra set of animations. But its something that I really like (besides looking at my own two feet). Games like Riddick and FEAR have used this before and it really creates a feeling of "being there".
  4. Yeah, I reinstalled doom 3. Then patched to 1.3.1 and it worked, yay! Its a great mod!! Keep up the good work!
  5. I patched Doom 3 to v1.3. I installed the mod and then copy/pasted the DevIL.dll to the system32 folder. Then I launched the game from the shortcut I created using the wiki but I got the same error posted on the picture abode. After doing that I tried to launch it from the Doom 3 menu but with the same result.
  6. Why botter changing the laws of physics creating a portable mirror thing when you can just lean to a corner. Besides, a guard (in an ideal world) could spot the light reflected on the mirror and see you anyway..
  7. I had the same error. It appears when you launch the game (cant even get to the menu). If you open the game with the MOD option on Doom 3 I get the same error. I wanna play this mod!!!
  8. I really like this mod, but I was wondering if you could include a functional 3rd person view perspective (like in Thief: Deadly Shadows). I know you can switch to 3PV on Doom 3 using the console, so I think ist not such a crazy idea. What do you think?
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