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  1. I know everyone wants the biggest res possible, but you'll have to do with 512. Let's focus on making the maps look good to the player, and not about the player trying to see how ugly the maps are. I've finished the set, it includes 4 textures, essentially: pure stone, bricks, trim, and 128 trim for the little fellas (???). All textures come in 3 flavors: reg, mossy and lichen. While the images above can serve as a previews, the versions in the final set are updated. Download - set_drycanal [10mb]
  2. I reckon a 512x256 and a 128^ suffice? (see above image) Here's a spotty lichen version. I'll trim it too and post it with the normal and the mossy.
  3. K here's a mossy trimmed version. I'll create a few more trims and release it in one file. badcog: hit me with the new UV's when you're done with it and I'll have a jab at it. I like the ideas of 'props' to fit texture sets, this one needs a less bumpy and more smoothed out version for a statue (unless it's like a monumental-size statue...)
  4. I made it totally homo(geneous), no bricks pure rock. You want me to devide this into, say, 4 bricks? Downlost post I also updated the oldy stone_lava texture with a better normal and less radioactive colors. I reckon it can act as a proper ground texture to go along with the above ones, just needa be renamed etc. I'll probably end up re-normal-mapping da'lot of them old bricks.
  5. I understand the percept of trim texture, I just didn't understand the large stones part. Same texture, half the vertical size, with larger blocks? No problem. I'll make a single block or 4-blocks 256^ as well. It would be nice if we had some gargoyle model or some other sculpt I could texture with this stone. Another Q: the carpet above is at odd size. Do I use an alpha for the diffuse/spec/normal to clear the space around it, or must scale it to exactly usable format?
  6. Would you explain what you mean?
  7. Small update - moss version... ...and props to the stone_starpod set Any suggestions as to the variations? what kind and to which texture? I was thinking about adding a 'waterline' version to the moss above, like halfway it gets really like dark sea-weedy moss around the waterline, for city canals and such. I'll also make a half-moss version for transition
  8. Now now, we don't want to name things incorrectly here, let's keep it professional guys.
  9. Tell you the truth I don't know, my assumption was it was required to control it, and without it... well who knows what happens. I didn't consider it as an actual effective '0' value, which actually makes more sense.
  10. Well, the theme-ing idea should be by necessity, I imagine, in terms of environment. You take a theme, say sewers, create your palette, prominent shapes in design, then make all relevant textures necessary for this environment to be complete. Id Software's art direction follows these steps very well, imo. So if we want to see what we have vs. what we're missing, I'd approach the sorting with 'what is it going to be used for' rather than 'what type of material is it'. Anyway, I was looking into the normals of the old bricks textures I made and decided to try push them. I dunno, many of them look poor in many ways. I'm not quite happy with how this turned out, but it's definitely better than before. Dry water canal bricks I guess the next step would be to add a wetter version with some moss, etc
  11. What are you serious? Every pixel on the spec map affects the hue of the specular on it and its value effects the intensity. Surely you know this...?
  12. It does look better, but all stones should have a 85-95% dark spec map to kill plastic shine. The ground texture should also be more subdued through specular, and the candle light should be less saturated and *slightly* more orange.
  13. Here's the finished rock. Now to add variations to this? - moss + half moss (for fading) - mud + half mud - oozes blood from cracks??? yes!!! GIBS KILL MUWHAHA sorry too much quake lately. well what else? not sure 'drips from the top' is valid here. Download - stone_bacrack I'm thinking of going back to the older bricks textures I made, and trying to push the normals there (it really doesn't work well with the rest of the mod textures) and while I'm at it add the vars there. Also - a question: if I want to have my carpet is some weird size, I make it 1024^ with alpha? and the normal is the same?
  14. Cool man, thanks. lotsa great stuff there from some Very dead artists. Kudos! (updated the image)
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