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  1. Of the two facing each other, the one at an angle is going to have a conversation, then go off to patrol the upstairs. I'm planning to add a LOT more. This is just a small wing of the main building. I plan on releasing just this wing as a "break in to the main building" teaser level, but I hope to get access to all the assets so I can make it a full sized mission. I want that to be a dumbwaiter, so placing it too low isn't realistic. I might place it higher and put a table under it or something. Thanks for the critique. I hope you enjoy playing this mission as much as I'm enjoying making it. P.S: Please continue ramming bad performance into my head. It's hard to think that not everybody has 1.5 gigs of video ram
  2. Thanks for checking it out. I'm kind of concerned about performance, since I really have no way of knowing if people are going to get bad performance on my maps (my computer is too powerful to notice any frame drops). I'm trying to map with visportals in mind, and I guess now is as good a time as any to add them.
  3. Just did another big update. The link above should still work. Enjoy!
  4. Who's doing the guard voice overs for the mod? I'd love to have a custom conversation in the map I'm making, if at all possible.
  5. Is it possible to do keyframe animation? I want to make a secret door slide and then turn.
  6. Here's an update with an AI and some more detail. It still has a long way to go before I'll be satisfied with it, but it's getting there. http://shadow516.googlepages.com/kh1.map
  7. So far, this is really just me screwing around with the editor. The walls are too thick, and it's not particularly pretty, but I've learned a lot from making this. Next, I'm going to try adding some AI and loot. http://shadow516.googlepages.com/kh1.map
  8. Indeed. Unreal Ed works the same way (Except with only solid and void - the materials were added with entities between portals). I loved that you could just rearrange the order of the operations too, in case you needed to, say, add a hallway without disturbing other solids.
  9. I think in terms of "Make the outside of a building, carve out the inside", so subtractive just makes sense to me.
  10. Thanks. Growing up with DromEd and Unreal, I've been spoiled into thinking in terms of intersecting brushes, so the idea of only having solids is strange to me
  11. What you are experiencing is called "Gimbal lock". Because the engine uses Euler angles to determine the facing, it gets confused when you look straight up or down. As far as I know, the only way to fix it would be to mod the engine to use Quaternions instead. Gimbal Lock Euler Angles Quaternions Edit: Unless you're talking about turning along the z axis, in which case, you shouldn't have any problems.
  12. I almost never see CSG Subtract mentioned in tutorials, and, in fact, I have read that some people never use it. Why is this? I find it incredibly useful, from doorways, to windows, to curved halls. Is there a reason I shouldn't use it, or do people just not like it?
  13. OK, dark radiant is taking awhile to get used to (the controls spit in the face of every bsp engine I've ever used), but I should have something whipped up in a few days.
  14. How complex do you want it? Should it be just a few textured rooms, or a whole fleshed out mission?
  15. I was told to apply here to help with the mod. I don't have any work examples on me (I'm at school), but I can add anything you guys would like later. I started mapping with DromEd, and have experience in UEd 1.1 (UT), 1.5 (Deus Ex), and 2.x (UT 200x). Recently I have been mapping for the Cube2 engine (with experience in the origional), and would like to learn DarkRadiant. I have additional experience in C++, ASM shaders, GLSL, and OpenGl. Pretty much anything you guys need, I can contribute to. Any requests to see specific work?
  16. Sounds good, what's the best way to reach him?
  17. Indeed I do. I'm a second year computer science major, so it's pretty much required I'd actually like to help more with mapping, but I'd be happy to work on this particular task (and any others I just "can't live without")
  18. I'd assume it would be overloading the directional controls, since it needs to be dependent on where you're looking (you still need to be able to climb up)
  19. hrm... What would be neat then, is if you held on to the end of the rope when you shot the arrow, and dropped it like a normal piece of junk inventory. If the arrow goes farther than the rope can extend, it flies out of your hands. I only have a few years of programming under my belt, but I think I could whip something like that up...
  20. Alright, thanks for the quick reply on that. I'd assume it has to do with limitations of the physics engine or breaking in-progress maps? I have way too many ideas anyways. If I ever give a stupid one, feel free to slap me.
  21. God, I'd hope so, UEd 2.5 was buggy as hell
  22. I read this awhile ago. The biggest problem with this technique is that it doesn't take specularity into account. Fine for ancient ruins, but not great for that varnished crown molding you found in an old Victorian. I find that the best way to make a normal map is to simply import the texture into a modeling program, throw it on a plane, and use the sculpting tools to match it up. Most modeling programs have a way to export geometry to normal/depth maps. Or, if you're inexperienced, this works great for organic textures (assuming the shadows aren't too heavy): http://www.crazybump.com/
  23. Let me see... 20 bucks. Not bad. Wish I wasn't a poor college student.
  24. Unfortunately, I can't find my copy of Doom 3 (I think I gave it away since it sucked so bad).
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