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  1. Im up for whichever, ill purchase a tablet if you want me to skin. I need one anyway. Also, if you have a model that needs skinning, to use as a test or initiation if you will. Let me know. - Philth -
  2. Ok, im tryin to understand you all here, what is it exactly that you guys really need. Animation is not my favorite thing, nor my best skill. So other than animating, what is it you guys really, absolutely need? Thanks
  3. Yeah, id be able to do that. Ill need to purchase a tablet though if the need for more indepth texture creation is needed for characters and such. I used one at school and never had the money to buy one. Ill pick one up soon though.
  4. Alright, is there anything else I could help with or was this all just based on the animation?
  5. I was just curious but would anyone know what the poly count limits are for the doom 3 engine? Im gonna start work on a level and I didnt know of any guidelines to go by or where to find them. Thanks
  6. Im up for anything! Just let me know where to sign if the team decides they need me.
  7. Thanks man. http://rapidshare.de/files/2015106/animation.mpeg.html
  8. Thanks guys, im not sure how to post a video file, nor do i have a place to host it. Anyone give me directions on doin so? Anyway, other than that lil problem, ill tell ya a bit about myself. I went to Full Sail in Winter Park, FL for computer animation. Im pushing my skills as a texture and environment artist, but i love all aspects of animation, modeling, and dynamics. Im proficient in Maya 4, 5, and 6; Right-Hemisphere's DeepExploration, Photoshop CS, and Apple Shake. I can work well with NURBS, Polygons and Sub-Ds. Rigging and Animation - I can work with and create SDKs, jiggle de
  9. Alright thanks. Didnt want to sound mean or anything. Just real anxious.
  10. Just checkin to see if you got my email. Its been a couple days now with no reply from you guys and im real anxious. If im of no use to the mod team then please let me know. Dont want to have any false hopes or anything. Thanks
  11. Agreed. Bumpmaped one look better but thier still too low res. Im not trying to be harsh on ya or anything but like Napalm said. You need to create new higher res textures based on the old ones, or just make new ones all together. Your definately on the right track though.
  12. I agree with Sparhawk. All textures need alot more detail, they are screaming "im repeating!" all over them, increase the texture size or rework them to not show so much that they are repeating. They almost look cartoony. Secondly, the arch in the last pic needs to be increased in geometry. If you were going for the smoother effect (a perfect half circle) normalize the face normals on that arch to show a smoother transition from one polygon to another. Hope that help.
  13. Im a huge fan of Thief and Doom, i did one of my game level assignments after the bathroom in doom3 when i was in college. Only had 2 and a half weeks to model and texture the room but its the best i could do in the alotted timeframe. Seeing as how there much more time and my skills have gotten better since then, id like to help out in any way possible. Lemme know what ya think. http://img37.echo.cx/img37/3475/gamelevel7jj.jpg http://img37.echo.cx/img37/8151/realistic9pt.jpg http://img37.echo.cx/img37/6452/walker6gi.jpg http://img37.echo.cx/img37/1910/wheel17qn.jpg http://img37.ech
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