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  1. Maybe cells can think about us. Just we don't know they're doing it?
  2. Order of the Hammer Bureaucrat: Life is an ddiction to some extent. We like to have fun, some of use like to sleep (programmers ), and we definately love our women. So we usually toss up escapes from games to life very often. (Thats what I meant to say.)
  3. Look video geams are NOT realistic and probably never will be. If I want real life I'll have no use for a game. "Games are a fun escape from life so people can gather enough happiness and contentment to face this cruel world once more." ... Me
  4. What if this Freedom of Descisions is just the result of a couple billion unconscious calculations our brain makes and due to the fact that no two humans are ever the same (not factoring cloning) every one calculates a little differently. And then based on the experiences of any one individual added to their own individuality factored in makes even more complex descison making. In the end "Do we make the descision or does the descision make us?" .. Me
  5. Help help I've fallen and I can't get up!
  6. I think most of the fun about Thief was the hype. Here you are, your supposed to be a master theif go break into this building using only these materials and good luck. Sometimes the simplistic answer is the best. Don't really tell anyone anything about the AI. Let them figure it out they're not two.
  7. Maximus, I was wondering is it possible to use particle effects - as a still or swaying leaves image to place over a low poly tree model?
  8. It might be fun to see the AI actually react to missing guards. Hey, if I can make enough of them dissappear without being seen maybe they'll even freak out. Maybe based on certain circumstances the guards will chat over recent happinings.
  9. I remember in Thief2 if you made a guard really mad and they went to walk away from you sneaking up on him had about a 80% chance of the guard turning around and hitting you with his/her sword. I also remember my bot disabling technique that didn't always work. You know using those corners. It definately showed off the dullness of the AI, but every now and then it would correct itself and navigate around to make the kill. The trick was done by getting the big bot to chase you to a corner and then have the the gun side of the bot near the corner to where you didn't see that portion. Then it would fire up its gun and the bomb would bounce off the wall hit the bot drop to the floor and explode on the bot. Definately one of the best bot disabling tricks. Using the predictablity of the AI against it, but every now and then even a mistake in the AI can be a surprise to you and any surprise made every mission seem just a bit different.
  10. I wonder if it would be possible to use an alpha texture on the spiders in conjunction with a modified Doom3 HeatwithHaze program to make the spiders look like ghosts and add a sort of vorpal effect.
  11. Thor's hammer is the shape of three symbols. One looks like a sort of axe, another looks like a hammer shape, and one looks like a cross. Might this help? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thor%27s_hammer#External_links http://www.mackaos.com.au/Articles/Mjol.html I get the feeling those bars are mearly named Thor's Hammer as a sales gimmick.
  12. You just gave me the coolest idea. Remeber Thief2's Benny? It might be cool to see a guard that has an alcohol problem be tempted to swipe every bottle of alcoholic liquid he comes to and slowly see him get drunk and act stupid. For instance at first he acts like every other guard. Then his eye catches the Whiskey. He goes to grab for it, but hesitantly pulls his hand back. Then by the third patrol around he looses control and dives for the bottle. Then he drinks it while on duty hiding it form the other guards. Maybe he glances around for a second or two before pulling out his bottle and taking a quick swig. Then as he slowly gets drunk he may wobble and stumble. The he may go sneaking in the girls bathroom only to be chased out by all the women. He may even pick up a lampshade and wear it on his head, who knows. That would really be cool, but I always wondered if it was actually possible to do this. You could call it Random Alcoholics Annonymus Behavior. LOL!
  13. Think about it this way if you jump up off the floor and all 6 sides of the room suddenly become the floor, or where gravity pulls, you could be pulled apart in a very painful way. Too sick??? hmmm...
  14. Let's put it this way there is really only one way to ever learn something and that is to jump right in and get your hands dirty. Trial and error. Especially error !
  15. Doom3 Runs at a constant 60 fps and at worst in one or two areas no less than 30. AT FULL GRAPHICS. That means Full Anti-aliasing, 1280X1024, Max Quality Graphics and I even Tuned Doom3 to run with more polygons. So Im ready for anything this mod can throw at me. cheers!
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