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  1. That did the trick, thanks a lot. Edit: On an other note - you seem to be an experienced TDM user, could you tell me if there is a site where I could download more well-made 2.0 fan missions? Google and this forum don't yield much and the in-game downloader seems to be offline right now. Edit 2: Ok, I worked through the forums and found a bunch of 2.0 maps. I'm guessing these are the only ones I will find at the moment?
  2. Hey, the Dark Mod 2.0 has recently stopped working for me. Prior to this, I installed one of the missions in-game (don't remember which one) and during the installation process, the game crashed to desktop. The next time I tried to launch the game (the next day) all I got was a black screen for a short time as if the game would launch and then a crash to desktop, as well as the following crash log: I'm guessing that the easiest fix would be to reinstall but maybe this gives the guys who created this great mod some technical feedback that they might implement in a later patch (?). Or it helps someone with a similar problem ... Thanks in advance! - f0xX PS: I hope my spoilers work. Yep, they did!
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