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  1. 1 hour ago, Obsttorte said:

    It makes sense to create missions in a way that players can follow different approaches, but taking out most of the ai is definetely not the idea behind a stealth game (the emphasis lies on stealth).

    Actually, for me, stealthily K.O.ing (or killing if they aren't K.O.able) all the AI is exactly, what i try to do in any stealth game.
    In TDM i even make unaccessible sleepers wake up so i can blackjack them.
    I also leave doors open, switch lights off, or make noise (not using that arrow though) to lure guards into an ambush.

    I consider playing as a poltergeist to be a legitimate playstyle (did not check with the playstyle police yet though).

    P.S.: Blackjacking may have its quirks. But it works fine for me most of the time.

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  2. 7 hours ago, chakkman said:

    I'm completely running dry here... already playing games like the first Splinter Cell for the 4th or 5th time. I need - a new Deus Ex; a new Fallout; a new Elder Scrolls; a new GTA... only shit coming out these days. Think I'm really falling out of grid of today's target audience.

    Could always go through the TDM mission list and revisit the least recently played ones. Or maybe try one of those massive overhaul and new-lands mods for Skyrim.

  3. I think Ghosting, K.O., and kill limits are pretty good examples for realism vs. gameplay. Of course i wouldn't be a thief in Bridgeport as being a thief in a city packed with guards, having walls and guarded gates around every few houses, and facing a kill-on-sight death sentence as soon as anyone even sees you outside... No, i wouldn't be a thief there.
    But TDM is one of these power fantasy games, where you can be a ghost robbing everyone blind.
    Or you can be a burglar knocking out twenty people without even one dying due to traumatic brain injury.
    Or you can even be the thug murdering your way through.

    I know for sure, that in the real life i can't ghost, i can't blackjack someone with him guaranteed to survive that, and i daubt, i could even willingly kill someone if i had a gun.
    But the game does not judge you for having fun imitating various shades of bad in the virtual world.

    So when it comes to the playing styles "Ghost" to "Thug" or even the level of tool use (and certainly the tools themselves), that isn't a question of realism at all.

    Personally i just have more fun blackjacking my way through than ghosting by the same guards multiple times.
    And sometimes i like to put an arrow in some of the badder guys too.
    For some reason i try to use as few consumable tools as possible though.

    I would suggest to authors to only have no-kill objectives to protect characters that have to survive for technical reasons (AI needed in a scripted sequence) or the story to make sense.


    Ghost/blackjack/kill restrictions are objectives that are implicitly present on each mission anyway.
    All the author really does by making them mandatory is telling people how not to play.


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  4. 22 hours ago, thebigh said:

    But even then I'd add the ability to turn off lights so that the guards would have to turn them back on first before noticing the artifact was missing, giving the player time to ghost out of there and not have to deal with angry super-alert guards.

    The right way to ghost-steal well-guarded main objective loot is to have the thief replace it with a cheap copy.
    I played missions implementing that mechanic and it felt pretty immersive.

    Mission authors have to think about how to keep their missions ghostable - if they want them to be ghostable.
    For non-ghost gameplay, the blackjack also solves the issue of guards noticing stolen things. And that mechanic just works without author intervention as long as the author does not go out of his way to break it.

  5. 10 hours ago, Araneidae said:

    Edit: Just wanted to point out that this is the first mission I've played that doesn't work perfectly on my machine, so there's something odd going on here. Maybe I'll ask over on TDM Tech Support.

    The odd thing going on might be, that this is the largest TDM mission created so far. It is massive and packed with geometry and entities.

    So it might need more than just two GiB of VRAM (but you could try downscaling the textures using image_downSize as suggested to huntaffer by nbohr1more).

  6. If you are here because TDM differs from modern games, i would start with the oldest missions.
    They feature less streamlined gameplay and less modular geometry. They are basically more rough and less rounded from the flow of time. Modular building and "you found N of M secrets" wheren't a thing back then.
    They are less rich in eye candy too - but they still look good and profit from soft shadows and SSAO.

  7. 3 hours ago, Amadeus said:

    If I remember right, Airship Ballet did something along these lines in her bank campaign. You get a heavy "bag" of loot that you have to actually carry with you if you want it to count toward your loot total. Perhaps taking a look at that could be helpful

    I remember that the need to carry each loot bag separately to the drop point was the boring part of the mission.
    I also played some dungeon crawlers and having to ride back to town multiple times to sell all the loot never added to the fun.

    In general, adding repetition is reducing the fun and makes the game more boring (easy repetition) or tedious (hard repetition).

    So if wanting more realism, reduce the number of bulky lootable things and increase the amount of light and tiny loot (like jewellery, coins, and documents). But whatever you do: Still have some lootable paintings in the mission - because looting paintings is fun.

  8. 12 hours ago, peter_spy said:

    I choose not to buy any Rockstar Game from now on, because I don't want to hear about some guy doing overtime work just to make the horses' balls shrink during in-game cold weather.

    That level of love for detail made games like Gothic 1 and 2 or Arx Fatalis such a long-lasting and good experience though.
    I really miss that in most "modern" games.

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  9. 30 minutes ago, Araneidae said:

    I don't know if this is a 2.08 feature, or specific to the mission, but I'm playing through A Good Neighbour and I'm finding the water surface reflections to be like brightly polished glass.

    It is mission-specific. The water always was mirror-like there.

  10. 2 hours ago, stgatilov said:

    Regarding highlight of lockpicking: something nondeterministic happens to it.

    It looks different to every player: some people have it non-transparent, some have it huge, now you see it yellow.

    I reported the ultra bright lockpick highlight, but the last beta seems to have fixed it for me. So maybe, the bug evolved into something else.
    Better be carefull when exploring the darker corners of that engine...

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  11. 1 hour ago, peter_spy said:

    Higher fidelity and more aggressive violence result in more questions about meaningful context.

    I would very well like a significant part of the mainstream to finally start considering thinking about asking for any meaningful context in games at all. But i really doubt, that will happen soon...

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  12. 20 hours ago, peter_spy said:

    That is another generalisation. Sure, Mortal Kombat was a controversy back in the 90s when everything was low-res. Still, growing fidelity of violence is a problem, especially for developers: https://kotaku.com/id-have-these-extremely-graphic-dreams-what-its-like-t-1834611691

    Obviously, violent games - and making that games - isn't for everyone. It never was and never will be. I don't see that as a problem.

    That some people have to do any work that is offered to them just to make a living - that is the real problem here.
    Everyone - including that poor character artist - should be allowed to decide what they don't want to do without a constant fear of whether they can pay their next rent. It would indeed be great if such needs and neccessities would be a thing only experienced in games...

  13. I never had the impression, that the gender or color of the enemies mattered in any shooter at all. They all die the same and as long as there aren't only black or female enemies, the only people who care are the lunatics who are ignored by everyone anyway...

    And over-the-top violence isn't a new special thing either. In some countreis having too much of it meant that you may not advertise the game. But there is and always was plenty of it.

    But if anyone is interested in a non-AAA zombi survival game with extensive crafting and zombies in all colors and shapes:
    7 Days to Die is pretty good. It also features a voxel-based world, that looks way better than Minecraft.

  14. 4 hours ago, AluminumHaste said:

    But you may never get to 40,000 positive reviews if you're an indie game, especially a niche one. So you're 100% positive review only shows up at Very Positive in the search results but it's really Overwhelmingly Positive.

    I've been bit by this before when searching indie games on steam but only in the overwhelmingly positive category. Now I know I missed a bunch of great games.

    Statistics like that literaly are designed to catch the mainstream's flavor. So if you are searching for something wich isn't mainstream-flavored they are a lot less useful. Read some randomly chosen reviews wich don't hate or cheer and ignore the scores.


  15. 2 hours ago, chakkman said:

    They're giving away Hitman Absolution at the moment, in the inferior GOG store. ;)

    I can't seem to get it though. Their inferior servers are completely overrun.

    Wow, they really aren't prepared for success. Wonder how that servers are expected to survive Cyberpunk 2077...

    But at least that shop works well, when they are not overrun - the epic store never performs even remotely acceptable regardless of traffic.

    Update: The run is over, servers work fine now.

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