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  1. I moved the yard lights around a bit and tweaked with size with this in mind and found a considerable increase in performance. Very solid advice, thank you. Next I'll look into converting stuff into func_statics - I've done some in the past, but I've got pretty mixed results performance wise. Is is better to make multiple individual func_statics, or try to lump objects together into one big entity? I understand that if the entity becomes so big it crosses visportals, that will be unefficient, but what about outside where I currently have no portals in place? Sorry about all the questions! I'm sure I could find this stuff out just by reading more into old threads / the wiki, but nothing beats the convenience of asking from those who know better Fantastic! One of your jobs will be to try and break the level as bad as you can, so being adept at shenanigans is exactly what it takes. I'll do one more pass on the map and then pack it up for you guys, expect something in your PM boxes within... let's say 24 hours.
  2. Been looking into this some. So far I've got some crude LOD going on with the city facade outside the mansion walls. I haven't yet started working with scripting and triggering scripts, but that would definitely be one way to optimize the outdoors area. If using externally triggered func_portals, does normal visportal limitations apply? e.g. does it need to be surrounded by brush, or can it just float anywhere?
  3. Thanks. The biggest problem is the framerate outside. Visportaling an open outdoor area turns out to be a major pain - thus far I've just made sure that the interior areas are well portaled so that they aren't rendered when you are outside, but I haven't found a way to visportal even a portion of the outdoor area. At lowest my rig hits about 40FPS in the front yard, but I'm on a fairly high-end machine.
  4. Thanks! The Finns online presence always catches me off guard. No matter where you go, we are everywhere. I've played and enjoyed quite a few of your maps, very impressive.
  5. Hi everyone, Long story short: I jumped into TDM upon 2.0 but got terribly distracted by Dark Radiant and ended up working tirelessly on a tiny fan mission instead. I call the mission In A Time Of Need (subject to change) and you could say It's like my Thieves' Den (massive thanks to Fidcal for the A-Z guide, I'd never gotten anywhere without it!). The map is now a very rough beta, and I'm going to try and take a week or so break from mapping. In the meantime I'd like to have some people help me test my map. If you would be willing to waste some of your time and braincells to help me fix my baby, I would be forever thankful. In addition to finding bugs, I'm looking for suggestions to level flow, objectives and most importantly the lighting. I've been mapping on an old flatscreen that has terrible gamma settings, and I'm afraid the level is either way too dark or way too bright. Just drop a message in this thread and I'll PM you a link to the full mission. Thanks in advance and nice meeting you all! In A Time Of Need Mission briefing Screenshots Features
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