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  1. Just recently had my first go at making custom textures for a new map. Made 9 varieties of more high-res book rows, will share later. http://pasteboard.co/FN9wYFK.jpg
  2. Partnership? Let me tell people a bit about our partnership!
  3. Thank you! So happy to hear the missions were appreciated. Me and Airship Ballet might just have something cooking in the same vein, so hopefully you'll get to try it out in the coming months...
  4. Ha! You just gave me a fantastic idea with the ladders. The floating symbols remind me of Scarface the video game
  5. Some very early work on a mission. Not much in terms of details yet, just setting up the room layout. http://pasteboard.co/128AugrF.jpg
  6. Lucky you! It's a good game despite feeling pretty aged now. The sequel Dark Forces: Jedi Knight is even better, and JK2 and Jedi Academy are not half bad either. Edit: Oh, also had this very same experience just a few weeks back. Played through Strife for the first time now that it's on Steam. Crazy how ahead of its time that game is!
  7. Was a ton of fun to test, and the offices are marvelous to look at. Some of the best interiors I've seen in TDM. Great improvement from your last map which was already a fantastic FM debut I'd consider adding a link to just the individual map without the previous part attached to it, because there isn't a simple way of skipping a level in TDM is there? I'd wager some would like to just try out the new map without having to play La Banque a second time.
  8. Heh, glad that brought some joy to your day.
  9. Thank you! This is high praise considering TDP style Haunt was exactly the feel we were going for!
  10. Here's the Dark Mod version...
  11. Here is a commercial using the very same lockpicking sound as Thief: So what's the story? Was it actually recorded by Looking Glass or did they just use a canned sound from some sound resource CD like a lot of games back then?
  12. Just played around in a pretty impressive demo for the graphical capabilities of the U4 engine. Try it for yourself: www.benoitdereau.com/UnrealParis_-_1.2.rar

    1. Airship Ballet

      Airship Ballet

      No PT-style ultra-realistic jump scares, 0/10.

    2. Goldwell


      Was playing with that the other day, the graphics are so mind blowing. It will be an interesting experience when regular games reach this level of quality.

  13. It might need to be cleaned up a little bit for that. Right now they are a bit... 'hacky' I would say. Feel free to shoot any questions my way if you end up implementing something similar, I'll be happy to help you out. You can also just open the .map file and take a look at how I built them
  14. Thanks for the comments, glad you guys enjoyed the mission! Those are custom, but they were built completely in the DarkRadiant editor and are actually really simple. The camera you see in the game world is nothing but a prop built from simple brushwork. The actual trigger that fires the alarm is a huge invisible pillar that moves along the ground in sync with the camera prop waiting for the player to touch it.
  15. There was this in the video description, not sure if it was added just recently: http://palmtime.net/virtualgamepad/
  16. Metal Gear Solid games have also done this for as long as I remember. Would not really enjoy this feature in TDM, as I'm the kind of guy who usually conks out every guard, stacks the bodies and then enjoys poking around at a leisurely pace
  17. To date one of the scariest games I have played was System Shock 2. It took multiple playthroughs until I had become so familiar with it that I would not be spooked anymore. I credit this all to how random the AI in the game is. Hybrids are spawned around the hallways at random, and they also patrol on random. Basically every door in the game is a potential jump scare, even in areas where you have previously killed all the enemies. Just like Xerxes Sotha said - it's scary because you don't understand the logic behind it.
  18. I think your voicework still needs a good deal of practice. Right now your clips don't sound like you are playing a character, they sound like someone reading the lines from a script. This doesn't have anything to do with the lines or your recording devices. What is missing here is the acting. There is no change in your voice, patterns of speech or intonation. This is especially true in your female voice (?) which sounds exactly like your regular, very much male voice. It doesn't sound anything like Liz Shaw, I'm afraid. If voice acting is a passion for you, I suggest you keep on practicing it. Start out with trying to nail a single type of voice. Look into tutorials about imitation, read books about voice acting, and most importantly - go for drama lessons! Pretty much every city in the world has one or more hobbyist theatres that welcome new members, and those are great places to learn about acting.
  19. At least some of those photos are from London waterworks, right? There was an episode on their creation in BBC's 7 Wonders of Industrial World. Absolutely brilliant series by the way, with a lot of striking imagery.
  20. Yay, second place! Congrats Buck, well deserved.
  21. @OrbWeaver I'll eventually add a bit more of this on the tutorial itself. I usually omit looping / global from my own soundshaders, because I always tweak them in DR anyway, but I see your point there. @ERH+ ... those are the Arx Fatalis spell sounds. right?
  22. There is the little Halloween number by me and Airship Ballet here.
  23. They are quite close to the ones I posted above, but I do see what you mean... I'll keep on working on this.
  24. These more like it? shallow_puddle_01.ogg shallow_puddle_02.ogg shallow_puddle_03.ogg shallow_puddle_04.ogg shallow_puddle_05.ogg shallow_puddle_06.ogg
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