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  1. Thanks, Dr. Spock, I couldn't have said it better myself Cheers, Stefan
  2. Hi, Someone in this forum wrote that the Dark Mod is probably the best thing that ever happened to the DOOM 3 engine and I have to agree. What I've seen (and played) so far was really outstanding. Even if there ever was an official Thief 4 - I doubt if it would be as good as this even in its unfinished state. There's just one thing I'd like to suggest which I always found stupid about all Thief games: The only real difference between killing enemies and blackjacking them is the noise and blood or the lack thereof. Why don't the unconscious enemies ever regain consciousness again? I think it would only be logical that after - say 30 minutes - everybody who was hit over the head will wake up again and alarm his buddies. Thus the Thief will have to make a decision between noisily killing someone or avoiding that noise at the risk of that someone waking up again and alarming more guards. Please think about it, it would definitely make sense and add even more suspense to the game ... Other than that: Keep up the great work !!! Stefan
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