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  1. Sorry, guys... I'm totaly new in map-design.


    1. I created entity:




    2. Added Property: xdata_contents with value wolfnote1


    3. Created folder xdata in maps folder


    4. Created file dayofwolf.xd :






    "num_pages": "1"


    "page1_body" :







    Map compilated succesfully; scroll can be taken, but can't be read...

    WYSIWYG editor also not starting. Says: "Cannot run Readable Editor on this selection. Please select a single XData entity."


    What I'm doing wrong?


    Sorry again for poor English.

  2. A "leak" is when your map has a gap somewhere to the "void" (the grey area in DR outside the map). The map is like a submarine underwater; you can't have any leaks to the outside; it has to be absolutely airtight.


    Oh! Thank you!

  3. Sorry, I'm really greeny with this mappers stuff...


    I'm using "A - Z Beginner Full Guide" with Dark Radiant. But still I can't understood, how to create not only "openable" doors, but doorways.


    As I understood, I should:


    0. Create block brush with "make room";

    1. Create "static" door;

    2. Assign for the door classname "atdm:mover_door";

    3. Create 2 more copyes of wall, and curtain them away, making doorway...


    But after that I get "leaking" error.


    PS: sorry for my bad english...

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