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  1. And once more about Readables.Is there any chance to use cirillic languages in texts?
  2. Thanks a lot to all of you! Trouble was in old version of TDM and my not correct understanding of .xd format. That's ok now.
  3. Sorry, guys... I'm totaly new in map-design. 1. I created entity: Darkmode/Readables/atdm:readable_mobile_scroll 2. Added Property: xdata_contents with value wolfnote1 3. Created folder xdata in maps folder 4. Created file dayofwolf.xd : wolfnote1 { precache "num_pages": "1" "page1_body" : { "Test" } } Map compilated succesfully; scroll can be taken, but can't be read... WYSIWYG editor also not starting. Says: "Cannot run Readable Editor on this selection. Please select a single XData entity." What I'm doing wrong? Sorry again for poor English.
  4. Sorry, I'm really greeny with this mappers stuff... I'm using "A - Z Beginner Full Guide" with Dark Radiant. But still I can't understood, how to create not only "openable" doors, but doorways. As I understood, I should: 0. Create block brush with "make room"; 1. Create "static" door; 2. Assign for the door classname "atdm:mover_door"; 3. Create 2 more copyes of wall, and curtain them away, making doorway... But after that I get "leaking" error. PS: sorry for my bad english...
  5. nagli


    Не за что, парни Присоединяйтесь к работе translation for moderator: "You're welcome, guyz Join if you want "
  6. nagli


    That's a question Will try to be aware about changes
  7. nagli


    Work is started: http://ru.darkmodru.wikia.com/wiki/%D0%97%...%B8%D1%86%D0%B0
  8. nagli


    Just mail me, then you'll be ready Of course we'll make translation for free.
  9. Want to help with translation of mod & info about it on Russian. Have an experience
  10. 1. Thanks for your work! 2. Will be there tool for creation of new models? As example: we may need other uniform for guards, or some scars on special NPC... 3. Sorry for my bad english
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