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  1. Hello everyone, I'm so sorry for this delayed answer but finishing The Sly Project turned out to be way too difficult for my skills. I dreamed big and it would have been a really great campaign but I just haven't got enough time and energy to work on the missions, etc. So I officially terminate The Sly Project. It's website will be shut down soon as well. However I don't give up all hopes. If some day in my life I have everything to complete my vision, I will do so. Until then, thank you for your support guys and have a nice life! Best wishes, Oszkár
  2. Blood decals simply do not apper in my mission. I tried them with brushes and patches as well. What can be the problem?
  3. Let's continue this conversation in PM.
  4. The project is not dead but it's in development hell for sure. Real life sucks as usual, however a few screenshots are in the wind soon. Anyway, thanks for asking.
  5. I need to place a dead priest (ragdoll) into my map but cannot find the model in the ragdoll section in DR. Any suggestions?
  6. I was wondering. Is texture coloring possible? Like adding a reddish, bluish Hue filter, so a brownish brick texture would look bluish instead? The old build engine could do it. (Duke Nukem 3D)
  7. This theory of mine is probably stupid but if we fix a visportal in front of the player entity which follows the player's movement, then the engine should always render only things in the player's angle of view. Or not?
  8. Thank you! Is it a problem if too many visportals can be seen in the same time?
  9. Think I understand the visportal technologie, but to make sure, here are two pictures of a mapping situation to make it clear. Am I right the key thing is to "close" every room with a visportal, so each room is a unique "world". If the player can see it's visportal, the room is rendered by the game engine. If not, it isn't. However it's not always required to "close" every region. So here is my question: If I use "Picture A" version of visportalizing, then Room 1-2-3-4-5 are rendered in the same time, because the player can see the only visportal, which separates the rooms. If I use "Picture B", then only Room 5 and 4 is visible. Right?
  10. Does Dark Radiant supports terrain editing? I mean can I generate mountains or random areas? If yes, how?
  11. This version does not work but should. Obviously I do something wrong. Could you take a look at it please? http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6743066/light_test.zip
  12. The theory is absolutely clear to me. Two trigger multiples, one turns the light up, the other off. But that's not that simple. Even if I use Stim/Response function, something goes wrong. I already managed to do it but after one period the system shuts down. Help! grayman: This script seems way too complicated to me but thanks for sharing.
  13. Hm... thanks but there will be many light sources like this on the map. Maybe it's wrong to handle it through the objectives system, isn't it? If someone got the time and build a very small map with this, I would really appreciate.
  14. Yes, scripting is necessary indeed. I already have a trigger_multiple, it covers the area, however when the player is inside the trigger, it continously turns the light on and off. How should I script this event? When inside, light is on, when leave the area, light is off.
  15. Hi there taffers! I start this topic because I recently began to work on a mission and don't want to stuck every time I don't know how to do things. I would like to ask you a big favor. If I'm stuck with something, I tell you here and we together find the solutions to the difficulties. Here is the first one: I need a trigger or some kind of area effect which is able to sense the presense of different kind of entities like the player. When for example the player or a zombie is within this area, a light turns on, when he leaves it turns off. Just like in Thief 1 - The Lost City. The light fades on and off when Garrett arrives or leaves.
  16. Thank you for your honest opinions guys! I created this small video because many people here did not believe I can actually create something. It's just a sample. The other videos will be much better in every respect.
  17. I'm glad you like it. Csaba Vígh (masterthief), the project's graphical artist is almost ready with most of the first briefing videos' images. Stay tuned taffers!
  18. Pre-trailer video of The Sly Project is now available: http://tsp.comlu.com Here is a quick link: YouTube video As I said earlier, this video is almost nothing. It is mostly atmospheric. Hope you like it and more creative people will join to speed things up!
  19. No, I'm not talking about you, Sir. The "Credits" subpage will be available on Sly's site soon. Good news: I got all the vocals, so the Pre-Trailer video is on it's way.
  20. Thank you Baddcog for your words!
  21. Yes, indeed. After you finish your FM, please contact me, if you are still interested! The Pre-Trailer is a 50 seconds long short video. It's style is a little similar to the original Thief videos but there are differences. It's really no big deal, just the project's sign of life.
  22. I don't say I'm completely innocent. It is also my fault but let's not talk about this anymore, please. The Pre-Trailer video is almost done (about 80%). At the moment I'm waiting for a vocal. However this short video is really not too much. But it's at least more than nothing.
  23. I send you a PM. Let's continue our chat via e-mail.
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