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  1. Hammerites bed, will be good to know different opinions because I stucked in the "back of bed" (near pillows) and not sured about gold hammer icon in front...
  2. I think it will be another chair, this one was an experiment about polycount on chair ))) Sprengheel, have you looked models in game?
  3. Testmap will come soon (as soon as I done with 1st complete bedroom set %) ). In waiting of comments, began next set - hammerites bedroom Table in work Want to make handles like small hammers and simple legs
  4. Next works Bed 870 poly no shadowmesh Chair 988 / 299 sh.mesh Comode 581 / 265 sh.mesh Table 600 / 254 sh.mesh Bed reference What you think about it? What you maybe change? And have sense to model bed curtains or nor? Bed skin will be redone
  5. 1.To Springheel: Want to experiment with shadow mesh tonight. I'm doing all UV with morph maps )). Problem, like I wondered, in size of polys, when I decrease number of polygons at arcs by 2, strange thing happend - half of them become normal, and another still crap ((( And in normal part 1 triple poly still undrawed If you have some time, where I can upload this model. Maybe It's only my problem, I'm working on middle perfomance notebook with low graphic card... 2.To SteveL: Every (I don't know and can't find right word %)) ) "door" is separated object in the furniture, I thought about this option when modelling them 3.To Skaruts: Polygons are tris I want to made full set of bedroom items in such style. Try to make chair, and polygon count become 500, but chair still look bad ((( Have sense to make it about 1000 and shadowmech by 200?
  6. Springheel, when I decide to remake comode, I want to use your default image, but couldn't find it and make my own. When I modelling in LW most time I try to make object by polygons welded between each other. But also objects can be gathered from primitives. What method is prefered? And one auestion about UVmap on arcs was left without answer..
  7. Let's go on ))) Will such furniture (600 polygons in tabler and 580 in comode ) be normal for this engine?
  8. I'm logged, and relogged 2 times. Nothing changes
  9. Else one thing: When I try to view anyone profile and my own too - I see [#10245] You are not permitted to view member profile
  10. First try Reference My model - eac color is different surface That's like it looks in LW 1 segment consist of 1500 triangles. How much it should be? Question - I made it all-welded-one object<, but the base can be made like 6-sided box? What will correct - all-welded models or composed models? Next question - I read that for main model shoulde be made simplified shadow model. It must be placed in other layer or all-in-one? Can anybody give a link to example for the "realy right model", don't want to spend time for nothing. Trying to texturing my model Have problem with arcs: My actions: Try to make new UV map for arcs and baked image on it from old UV map. New map, new image - no result? Maybe anyone have such troubles and know what happend?
  11. Please delete this topic I already have succes...
  12. Hi guys, I'm another fan of series, and become a fan of your peoject not so much time ago. I'm working in Lightwave from 6.5 to nowadays and now I start to lose my mind - I try create some models for this projects(until today never work for game industy, mostly inrerior modeling and creating furniture), but it's to hard for understatnding - every step is full of pain)))) I'm stucked on creating texture and displaying it at darkradiant, mostly displaying - can't understand what it wants from me - and the biggest sucks that in your wiki much needed for me images are absent. Maybe someone can update images on wiki or give me true links on such process like creating and imporing models from lightwave step-by-step? I'm not a professional modeller, this is my hobby, but i like to study and this both (lightwave and thief) are my lovely things If I win in this battle - i realy want to help u with creating new objects and improving old... Thank U all for attention. P.S. Excuse me for my English - it isn't my native language This is my first and last work for small competition in 2008 to aprove my abilities)) And earlier by 3-5 years trying for this thief theme)))))
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