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  1. Empathy is just a normal feeling though. Why must it be "worth" anything, why does it need to make a difference? Will you be upset when your parents die? Or is that another worthless emotion that does nothing to help? People feel something, whatever it may be, when people like Pratchett announce things like this because it really affects them - no matter how small that effect is. And there is a perfectly normal reason for this; this is an individual who has written books that some people here have liked enough to go and meet the guy. These people spent time reading those books, enjoyed the experience enough to plan and travel to meet the author. Whatever you may feel about fake grief (and I, for the record, don't consider it real grief but a twinge of compassion) this man did something that has changed these people's lives, no matter how small that change is. I don't think you are being purposefully obscure oDDity, but you have a slightly odd view of relationships and societal norms.
  2. This newest version - Debug13, WROKS! I mean it works! Yay! \o/ Well done greebo. I don't know what was going on but I suspect that one of the other debug versions you gave had an aberrant file in because unzipping and overwriting to the old folder wasn't working. And I only tried a new folder once when you previously suggested it. I blitzed the DarkRadiant folder and recreated it for this new unzip. Seems to be working now. I'm going to experiment with the program later this evening. Now where is that wiki/tutorial? And if the wiki is still down has anyone an old copy of the beginners tutorial for me plz?
  3. It just did the "darkradiant has stopped working" thing. I tried running it from the console - same thing, no debug output like before. New Horizon - okay.
  4. I'm using an NVidia GeForce 8800 GTS with the latest release nVidia drivers.
  5. Okay. And that IS the last I'm saying on the matter. Let's just get this thing working!!
  6. I seem to have got the impression that certain prominent members aren't that bothered about Vista incompatibility is all. Again, I'm only thinking of the success of the project. I've done that greebo - same thing happens.
  7. Pops up straight away. Even if I unpack into a new folder. Guys - I'm thinking of posting a poll about Vista at TTLG to see how many Thief players/Dromeders this could potentially affect, WITH the Dark Mod mentioned in it. What do you all think?
  8. greebo - this time it doesn't start at all. I get an error saying: "The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log for more detail." The only radiant.log is from 7 days ago.
  9. Vista will fly. Failing to get DR working for it will be detrimental to the project. My only concern was for the future of the project. I could easily have a dual booting PC if I was willing. I don't expect anyone to rush to fix things for Vista UNLESS the "nip in the bud" issue was a problem. And if that were the case I would hope that all DR coding effort would be focused on fixing that since without Vista support this project will be in trouble because... Vista will fly.
  10. I didn't know if anyone had noticed my concern about something that might be easier to "nip in the bud" was all greebo. I certainly don't expect you to rush to fix it, apologies if it seemed that way. This: is very reassuring. Final question guys: Anything I make in Doom3Edit will work in TDM and allow use of TDM specific functions when loading through TDM won't it?
  11. I hope you guys have taken a note of my concern in my last post. It needs though.
  12. Good questions! Who will be cannon overseer? It would have to be some obsessive who plays all the FMs! And I think that describing districts is fine, but not the specific location of buildings because of what Macsen said. If we have rich or poor districts, a financial district, one which contains all the government buildings and so on that's fine (and that half submerged one is a great idea and one that could spawn some great missions). But to say building X is across the road from building Y is a problem unless there is definitely going to be a TDM in-house campaign that has all the named buildings in it at least once. Even in the background where you can't reach them. To this end, and the fact that in Thief 1 and 2 there are many missions that establish facts about the world (as someone else has already said), an in-house campaign would provide a solid basis for the use of the world by fan mappers. Nightwalker over at TTLG seems to play all the FMs and know them inside out. I vote Nightwalker for cannon overseer!!
  13. My concern is that development will keep going and when it comes time to sort out Vista compatibility we will find that some fundamental issue is the problem - an issue that cannot be fixed or is very hard to fix as so much hangs off it and which wouldn't present such a problem if dealt with earlier. If that will not be the case then it's fine to fix it at a later date. For the time being can I still build missions in DoomEdit that will run in the mod?
  14. I'm not sure what you're really saying here spar? Are you saying that if people want to use Dark Radiant and they have Vista that they should either install XP or fix it themselves?
  15. A good mission should just be well thought out. Thinking about what you want to achieve from it before starting is the only thing that is important.
  16. How is this going to be resolved then? We can't have DR not working on Vista.
  17. I'm both sorry and glad that I brought this up. It certainly needs to be fixed but before anything is done we need a second Vista owner (at the very least) to confirm my findings. We must exclude the possibility that this is just a quirk on my machine.
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